Understanding the meaning of a Wife Material

The term “wife material” is commonly used by men when describing the types of attributes that a woman must have to be considered a wife. A wife material can be described as the character a woman must match to be placed in the category of a prospective wife. If you pay attention, you will see that men of African ancestry use these terms more frequently. Wife material is just a common term used to separate a woman who has the true qualities of a wife from those who don’t. Is it fair, though, that men set such a high standard for women? How come women don’t quote “husband material” more often? Some men may say that they have every right to establish these high standards because they marry the woman and not the other way around, but putting such a high standard for women appears unilateral. That will be the topic of another debate.

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Men desire much in women that they intend to marry. Most men believe that the right type of woman has to have certain attributes that have to fill in the blanks in their life. A wife is not only a title conferred upon a woman, it is a responsibility that carries enormous weight. Men will decide who they marry, based on the behaviour they see in the light of day. To better understand the meaning of a wife material, here are the qualities that a woman must have to be classified as a wife material based on my opinion:

1. She knows how to cook and clean

They say the most effective way to reach a man’s heart is to by making him good food. Every woman probably has her own idea of how to cook, but not every woman is a good cook. Most men believe that a woman who is a great cook included with cleanliness is qualified to be a wife.

2. A patient and peaceable woman

When there is peace at home, that marriage stands a decent chance of flourishing. Men believe that when a woman brings peace to his family, it is a sign of good things to come.

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3. When she listens to his concerns

Let me just say it clearly, men also hurt and there are times when we need someone to listen to us. The weight of the world can be tough on men at times. Most men don’t get to have a woman who gives listening ears to their problems. It’s a tough world out there, and coming home to share your frustration with the woman in your life can help any man relieve their burdens.

4. A woman who is great in bed

It is worth mentioning that one of the main reasons for adultery is the absence of incredible sexual conduct at home. Men frown with the thought of a woman who cannot fit their sexual fantasies or are reluctant to learn. Truth be told, if a woman can’t satisfy a man the way he wants, he will most probably get it outside.

5. Women who prioritize children

Children are given by God and should be a priority. When a woman gives priority to children, men enjoy the sense that their children are in good hands. Most men believe that while they work hard to put food on the table, the wellbeing of their children should be a priority for any woman.

6. A hard-working lady

Every man loves one woman who works hard and vice versa. Men think a hard-working woman is a sight to behold. Hard work is an outstanding quality that is absent from certain women of this generation. When a woman shows she’s kind of inspiring her potential family to work hard, it becomes an attraction for every man.

7. A woman with the fear of The Most High God Almighty

I know this may not be a popular option with the way the world is going, but for those of you who are believers, here’s a thought. We are in dangerous times and sin is the order of the day. The devil roams in search of weak families to destroy, and he will not give in until he has destroyed the head of the family. Satan knows one way to destroy a man is to use the wrong woman to infiltrate his family. For this reason, each man should understand that a woman with the fear of God is like a strong roof on the top of the building. Keep in mind that she will be the reason the devil has no chance of infiltrating your family. Every man who wants to have a prosperous family must realize that this cannot become a reality unless he seeks a woman with the fear of Almighty God. Be conscious of that special quality, which is the most important of all.

8. A woman who understands how to get the best from her man

As men, we are equally discouraged or uncertain in this difficult world, and this may still be our sign of weakness. It’s a difficult world, and to be honest, every situation we deal with can toughen us up or weaken us, depending on the severity. Let this be a source of reflection for every man, we cannot walk along the path of life without the help of a woman. Women were created in order to provide emotional and mental support. If a mother can have the ability to shape the fate of her son, a wife can also motivate her husband to his ultimate goal in life. When you find a woman who can maximize your current situation, motivate you and elevate your mind, there is nothing you cannot achieve.  

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9. A Woman who never reminds her man of his past failure

Without a doubt, human beings and errors are inseparable. In the midst of a misunderstanding, some women have a tendency to torture their men while reminding them of their past mistakes. This is horrible behaviour because you will never have a better man if they are constantly reminded of their past mistakes. A man can be more likely to improve by encouraging him instead of reminding him of his past. Men love women who lift them up through difficult times, and that is part of what it means to be a wife material.

10. An Independent Woman

Let’s face it, every man would love to have an independent woman who is not dependent on him for the things she can do for herself. Hard-working women have a greater chance of becoming self-sufficient. Make no mistake, it is every man’s duty to care for his family that includes his wife, but there are women who are mindful of relieving the burdens of their men by embracing independence.  Fortunately, most men like the idea of marrying an independent woman because it not only relieves them of certain burdens, but it makes them proud to have made the right choice.

11. A woman who does not live the life of a party

No responsible woman would accept the idea of going to a nightclub frequently because, to be honest, any woman who wishes to start her own family should know that. Make no mistake, going out for drinks occasionally isn’t a bad thing, but when it gets to be a habit, it is difficult to be considered wife material. Going to a nightclub gives you an entirely new identity as someone who is not yet ready to settle down. Most party goers who visit nightclubs are there for the fun they can bring. It is for this reason that a man is most likely to see a woman who goes to nightclubs either as a prostitute or someone after a casual relationship. This is contrary to wife material. What men want in a wife material is not a woman who is known for visiting every club in her town.

No man wants to bring problems to his home, and it is only right that he sets a standard. The next time you come across the term ‘wife material’, it may be related to the above attributes.

I am Richard Inegbedion Jr. and, as always, it’s my opinion.

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