Understanding The Meaning of A Wife Material

The expression “wife material” is commonly used by males who think of settling down with their liking women. If you pay close attention, you will find out that men of African descent use them more often. Meaning, she has the qualities of my type of woman. But is it fair for men to set such a high standard for women? Why do women not cite “husband material” more often? Some men will argue that men marry the women and not the opposite, but putting such a high standard on women seems one-sided. That will be a topic for another day.

Men desire a lot of things in women, especially if they intend to marry them. Some men believe that you can’t just marry any woman. She needs to possess a certain quality that would be suitable for him and his immediate family. A wife is not only a title bestowed on a woman; it carries so much weight that it is the second image of a man. People define who you are according to whom they see with you. To further understand the meaning of a wife material, Here are six popular attributes that every woman must have to be a wife material:

A woman who can cook and clean

They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is good food. Every woman probably has an idea of how to cook, but not every woman knows how to cook. Most men believe that a woman who can cook and clean is qualified to be a wife.

A woman who is patient and peaceful

When there is peace at home, that marriage stands a decent chance of flourishing. Men believe that when a woman brings peace to his family, it is a sign of good things to come.

A woman who listens to his problems

Most men don’t get to have a woman who gives listening ears to their problems. The weight of the world can sometimes be hard on men. It is a harsh world out there, and coming home to share your frustration with the woman in your life can help any man ease their burdens.

A woman who is good in bed

One of the leading causes of adultery is the lack of incredible sexual drive at home. Men frown at the thought of a woman who cannot match their sexual fantasies or are unwilling to learn. Truth be told, if a woman can’t satisfy a man the way he wants, he will most probably get it outside.

Women who gives priority to kids

When a woman prioritizes children, men love the feeling that their children are in safe hands. Most men believe that while they work hard to put food on the table, their children’s well-being must be a priority to any woman.

A woman who is hardworking

Every man loves a hard working woman. There is a belief among men that a hard working woman is a joy to see. Hard work is an exceptional quality which is absent from some women of this generation. When a woman demonstrates that she is the type to inspire her potential family to work hard, it becomes an attraction for any man.

A woman with the fear of The Most High God Almighty and a believer

We are going through a perilous period and sin is on the agenda. The devil wanders in search of weak families to destroy and he will not yield until he has destroyed the head of the family. Satan knows that one way to destroy a man is to use an evil wife to infiltrate his family. For this reason, every man should understand that a woman with the fear of God is like a solid roof at the top of the edifice. Keep in mind that she will be the reason the devil has no chance of infiltrating his family. Any man who wishes to create a prosperous and peaceful family must understand that it can only become a reality if he has a woman with the fear of God Almighty. This particular attribute will make it difficult for the enemy to get closer to your family and you can look forward to seeing your children and family grow in harmony and victory. Be aware of this particular quality as it is the most important of all.

A woman who knows how to get the best out of her man

If you are one of those people who believe that a man does not have emotional weakness, then you are wrong, because every man once in a while may become discouraged or insecure. It’s a tough world, and to be honest, every situation we face can either harden us or weaken us, depending on the severity. No man can walk that road alone without the help of a woman, who can give him emotional support. If a mother can have the capacity to shape her son’s destiny, a wife can also motivate her man to his ultimate purpose in life. When you find a woman who can get the most out of your current situation, motivating you and uplifting your mind, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.  

A Woman who never reminds a man of his past failure

It is without a doubt that man and mistakes are inseparable. When fighting, some women tend to torture their men by reminding them of past mistakes. Whatever my statement, it is wrong for a woman to point out a man’s past failings. This is an awful behaviour because you will never have a better man if he is constantly reminded of his past mistakes. Your man can only get better if he is encouraged not to repeat these mistakes, which can be realized by not reminding him of them. Any woman who wants to become a wife someday should never put her man down over a fight. Fights can take place and be resolved without the use of harsh language. As I said earlier, words have an important meaning. After a fight, It is hard to take back those words, especially when it has already affected the recipient. Let your words inspire positivity in Him, and with that, watch him become a better man. When a woman can use her words for good, it is the only way to support her man to be what she wants him to become.

A woman who does not compare you to other men

During a fight, some women are accustomed to comparing the current condition of their man to the success of other men. From a man’s perspective, those so-called “other men” may be either your friends or a neighbour who happens to be more successful than you. That’s where some women get it wrong, and I’m going to repeat it; you can’t motivate your man by comparing him to other men. No man wants to hear his woman speak of “How Paul has a better job” or “How Peter is more romantic.” All these terminologies will never improve him, but he will forever become in the shadow of Paul or Peter. When you continue to push your man to become a different person, you make him more uncertain, and a man who is uncertain openly is a man in a skirt. If you want your man to be loving and compassionate, permit him to be him. It hurts inwardly to be compared with others, and men take complete note of this behaviour. If you want your man to love you better, let him be who he is, and the rest will come in your favour.

No man wants to bring problems to his home, and it is only right that he sets a standard, the same way women prefer successful men or TDH (Tall, Dark and Handsome). To understand the meaning of a wife material, these are the most popular attributes related to it.

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