7 ways to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you

The good thing about love is that it becomes the sweetest moment of your life when it finds you. Love is unpredictable because it can hit you at any time; this is why they say that love is blind. Early warnings indicate that your partner might just have given up on you and the mistake some women make is that they fail to detect the signs in time. You might have noticed some certain behaviours about him, but as a man who has been there, I’ll point out how to find out if your guy’s cheating on you.

Your Presence begins to irritate him

This particular behaviour is frustrating because there once was a time when he loved your presence, but all of a sudden, it all begins to change. When your man falls out of love with you, he begins to avoid you because your presence simply irritates him, and there is nothing more he wants than to get far away from you. Please pay attention to this; this is how it all begins.

Shows up late at night

No job or friends should keep a man late past his usual timing, and unfortunately, that’s the excuse some men use if you notice your man develop a habit of coming home late at night, someone is currently taking his time and attention right under your thumb.

Avoids eating your food

They say the closest thing to a man’s heart is food. Trust me; if your man who used to value your cooking suddenly starts dodging your food more often, then the chances are that he has fallen out of love with you, hence the reason he shuns your food.

Sneaks out to make or answer a call (Becomes very secretive with his phone)

This is probably the most prevalent behaviour in men, but just to add more insight. You must monitor how your man answers and makes phone calls because no man will hide anything from his woman regardless of how bad it seems. Put an eye on Late night calls, which will happen more often, and whenever a call comes through, he surreptitiously sneaks out to answer them. If you notice this type of behaviour, then there is a high possibility that the other woman misses him.

He begins to avoid sex with you

Take notice of this. When a man loves you, there is nothing that will hold him away from touching you. Sex with the right partner is magic because it strengthens two hearts together in the sense that one needs the other to create a synergy. If you begin to notice that your man no longer has the urge to have sex with you, then he is getting it from someone else.

Every little thing you do leads to an argument

When your man has lost that desire he once had for you; he begins to have an issue with every little thing you do. There is nothing you do that impresses him. Even when you feel you are trying to please him, he is countlessly responding with anger.

He publicly avoids becoming intimate with you

Women love close intimacy, and it is normal for a woman to want to hold her man’s hand because it makes her feel protected from the rest of the world. If you begin to notice that your man suddenly starts avoiding intimacy with you in public, then he is irritated by your presence and does not want the world to focus on both of you.

Photo by Trym Nilsen on Unsplash

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