15 Bad Habits that we must Break Away from in 2022

The year 2021 has arguably been one of the worst in decades due to the current pandemic, and to be honest, it has been tough to cope with the negativity surrounding us. Our attitude mirrors who we are, and most of us forget that people are either happy or offended by our behaviour. The biggest yet difficult question is, are you pleased with your attitude or are you looking to change your philosophy’s bad aspects to accommodate your friends and families who are getting fed up with you. Below is a list of common unhealthy bad habits that we should consider breaking away from in 2022.

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Spending money on pointless stuff

Some of us have a terrible habit of spending money on material things or outdoor services that we necessarily don’t need just so that we can shove it in the face of people that we don’t like. Even with the little finance we have, we tend to compete with people who are far off better financially, and later on, we end up with things that will become obsolete in a couple of years. How does this attitude help us improve our financial situation when our principal functions as humans to flourish and flourish? 

Ignoring Peoples Messages

Truly one of the more annoying habits that we must stop in 2020. Because of the stay at home measures, the use of social media has increased rapidly, and many people have this terrible habit of reading messages from others unanswered. If you find yourself in this situation and do not have any interest in communicating more with them, why not reply and tell them.

Going back to toxic people due to insecurity

At times, we find ourselves in precarious situations where we end up with people who are not suitable for us because of our insecurity. If you realize your friend has done you more harm than good, you might as well stay away immediately. People with toxic behaviour are the reasons why you may have backtracked. They drag you into their hostile world, and therefore you risk taking one step forward and four steps backward.

Allowing your job to stop you from exercising

Health is wealth, and when you prioritize the demands of your job in exchange for exercising, then it’s okay to conclude that you exist for your career and not for yourself. No matter how demanding your work schedule may be, keep your mental and physical health healthy through frequent exercise. This helps your body to release harmful toxins built up from stress.

Focusing on other peoples opinion

Some people are used to believing that what others think about themselves is a handbook on how to manage their lives. Why are you so concerned about what other people think when you might never see them again? The way you live your life is your personal decision, and what makes us different as humans is the capacity to function and behave differently. The opinions of others should not determine how you live your life; the very people you are concerned about are much worse off than you are.

Fear of the unknown

The biggest stumbling block to progress is fear. Most of us are accustomed to always being afraid as we move on to the next stage of our lives. Fear destroys our general logic. It destabilizes our creative intellect, and that’s one of the reasons you can stay behind for the rest of your life. Do not be afraid to fail in the search for greatness. This may sound disheartening at first, but over time you will learn that it prepares you to do things properly next time.

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Introverting is an unhappy way of life

Quit being introverted and go out there and socialize more. Why are you overly preoccupied with your inner thoughts and feelings? The world is a prime location for all of us, and the only way to enjoy nature is when you socialize with other people.

Stop being the “Yes Man”

If you realize that you are not comfortable with any task given to you outside your workplace, learn how to reject it and say no. Take good care of yourself and stop pleasing people who mean nothing to you.

You don’t have to date losers

If you’re accustomed to doing this in 2020, you’d better let it die this year. We should aim high in our pursuit of what we want, and there is no harm in looking for someone who has ambition. Remember, there is a big difference between someone who wants to succeed and someone who has no potential for success. No matter how beautiful it is, aim high and stop dating losers who will take you back, because you were not born to babysit losers. If the shoes aren’t right, then don’t put ’em on.

Making time for others and not for you

It would be best if you refrained from always putting others first before yourself. Some people habitually turn to a psychologist for broken people, or an errand boy or girl for people who need your help all the time. Things need to change in 2021, and when you put others first before yourself, you realize that you miss out on inner happiness because you don’t make enough time to do the things you need to do to become happy.

You’re procrastinating too much

Stop postponing the transition to more incredible things that will improve your well-being. When you get the chance, take the bull by the horn and take the next step. Too much procrastination slows down your dream one step back. You never know whether it’s going to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

It would be best if you stopped thinking negatively

Negativity is like bad luck, and when you carry it around with you, it puts a mojo on everything you touch or do. Stop being adverse to everything around you; it doesn’t help but create an illusion that nothing ever works out.

Take more time to take care of your loved ones

As I mentioned in my previous articles, a family is a necessary circle in your life. Your loved ones are the missing piece of you, and when you make the time for them, you give a sense of belonging that you remain forever a part of them.

Stop borrowing money from your friends and be financially self-sufficient

I know times are hard, and most of us are not tired of borrowing money from close friends. Do you have any idea what happens when you take it often? Your friend who looked up to you will eventually disrespect you. Work hard and save enough money to meet all your needs at a time of difficulty.

Building freedom of thought

I do not firmly believe in government or its mainstream media. I think the bulk of the information coming out of the media is focused on a plan. Our biggest issue is that we accept whatever information the mainstream media gives us. Why not have freedom of thought? If more of us developed a habit of thinking for ourselves, maybe no one will lie to us any more.


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