The Enemies of Africa

The Definition of Bad Leadership in Africa: They have no plans for their people when they want to get into the corridors of power; they possess a habit of lying to the masses to get elected.

They loot the people’s resources on behalf of their colonial masters and store the proceeds in developed countries. They use tribalism to persuade their people to vote for them at the expense of their people’s suffering. Oh, why have you let us down? You look just like us, but you behave differently by imitating our oppressors’ characteristics.

This article is from a distraught African man, and I yearn for answers concerning Africa’s state. Some things don’t make sense to me. I ask every African leader this crucial question: How can a continent with the most natural and human resources still have its citizens wallowing in abject poverty?

What have you done to us, you evil leaders of Africa? I naively thought we were supposed to have each other back, meaning that we vote overwhelmingly for you and deliver on your mandate. The colonial rulers scarred us severely that we are yet to heal till this very day. Why haven’t we continued from where they stopped? Since we got independence, nothing has changed; we still suffer the same fate as our dark days of cruel oppression. When you want to get elected into power, you come to us asking for our votes, promising us heaven on earth. As soon as we help you win elections, you then reign hell on us. Why do you break us into ethnic and religious boundaries?

The only way you intend to rule us is by dividing us into sections so that your tribe’s men will defend you even when you are underperforming. Explain to us why we do not benefit from our resources, where does all the money go? Why do you steal our money and then keep it in your colonial masters’ land that is way more developed? How can you be so heartless that you choose to circumvent the will of the people? When we come out in numbers to voice our displeasure, you misuse the power we gave you by torturing us in large quantities? A majority of us are scared to speak out because the outcomes will lead to us not seeing the light of day. Why are you following your colonial master’s plan of recreating poverty in our land? You go to sleep at night with food in your stomach while we sleep with absolute hunger, how could you be so heartless?

Why do you attend religious gatherings pretending to be clean? By the way, who are you praying too? You have succeeded in corrupting places of worship by bribing religious leaders who the people look up to, and you think you are winning? Let’s talk about your children; they attend better schools all around the world while you left our education in a comatose state. When you get sick, you run over to your colonial masters country for medical help while our hospitals are in a dilapidated state. When the white man left, instead of equitably distributing the lands for the luxury good of our people, you kept the entire properties to yourself. Why don’t you leave power even when you have overstayed your welcome?

It is with a heavy heart that I conclude that the enemies of Africa are Africans. I am taking a swipe at leaders from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Congo, Uganda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the rest; you have been a failure to the African people. I know you are happy seeing us divided; we will come out in overwhelming numbers one day and chase you out of power. Africans must inherit their economic wealth either peacefully or by superior force. As always, it’s my opinion.


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