Dear Black Woman! Your Hair Is Your Identity

I look at old pictures of our African ancestors, and it instantly gives me so much cultural pride invariably seeing our ancestors uniquely identifying with their distinct culture. When I refer to culture, I overlook language, values or beliefs instead what I mean is identity. First, let us take a look at what identity is, it is personality, looks or expression that makes a person or a group of people. Every race, religion and ethnic group have what they identify with. What happens when a particular group of people were taught to honour other peoples identities instead of their own?

I dedicate this article to all black women all around the world. I am aware of what has happened to you for hundreds of years, for what happened to your ancestors has created a deep mental scar in your mind. Unfortunately some section of the world has used all available power and resources to discredit your existence.

You were inappropriately used for horrific experiments to which the masculinity of the black man, your soul mate, was broken down. As a tragic result it adversely affected you in so many ways. Now you are trying to heal from this mental terrorism being inflicted on you by some other race. I want you to know that you are the Creator’s first daughter. You were made to rule and conquer, be the first and not the last. The clever devil saw how powerful you are and decided to unanimously use his willing people on earth to intentionally cause you deliberate destruction.

My melanized queen, you were taken by force, your kids stripped away from you and your husbands separated from you to emotionally break you down. I know there are times you begin to question your existence, but have it in mind that the earth supports you. Now to prove you right, can’t you see how beautiful you are compared to the others? Can’t you see how elegant you have turned out to be? The sun bows at your feet, and this is why they supply you with minerals and nutrients. It breaks my heart to see you change from which you were, don’t forget that you are my mother, sister, aunt, niece and grandmother.

I know your ordeal is just temporary for the evil things your captors did to you will never go unpunished. I will give you more time to heal because I perceive you coming stronger to rule the world. Ignore what the bad things your own kind says to you, don’t forget that they were also mentally enslaved as you. Don’t expect a mentally enslaved soul to stand or behave upright.

Listen carefully my queen, I respectfully urge you to please resist from altering your unique identity. I make reference to your natural hair. Your ancestors graced their natural hair with pride because before their slavers came to capture them, their hair was their source of pride. Do you know you look more of royalty with your natural hair as compared to the unnatural hair you currently put on? Do away with those wigs that identify with a particular race, for it is not part of your history. We all need to undoubtedly have an identity. If you make do with other people’s character, then how does that give you a definition?

Your natural hair, either braided or straight is your culture, and this in common is what you are traditionally recognized for. I know you dearly want the world to see you as a somebody, but you cannot continue to have other peoples looks, it makes you lost. If the Indians, Arabs and white people can naturally have pride in their hair, then why can’t you? If I’m to carefully compare, yours looks way better than others.

Dear black woman, you have been in existence way before these other races, don’t forget that you are Eve, the first woman, the original hue-man. Please ignore any other race who have demonized your looks, don’t take them seriously. Like I said they have done everything to put you down but I believe that you can overcome these mental attacks. Resist from imitating their looks; they are sad and bitter that you look better. The thing about them is that they have no culture, the only thing we happen to know about them is their love for stealing, killing and destruction which seems synonymous with their god. They wish to be you but are scared to admit it in the open; they intentionally distorted your history by exchanging it with profound sorrow, but you survived it.

Please, my dear sisters don’t ever change, stay in your original state. For you represent the fertile earth and the ground universally recognizes your existence for this is why the sky lights up for you. As long as I am genuinely concerned, your natural looks in common are nothing but the best. From a distance, this is how you are recognized. As always, it’s my opinion.


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