Important Tips on how To Become a Better Husband

There is no easy way to become a good husband, nor will any form of formal education guide you on how to be a perfect husband. Truly, there can never be a man who can be perfect in all things. Don’t get me wrong, anyone can try to act like an ideal man, but reality will catch up to you because even when you pretend to be “Mr Right,” it won’t take too long for those attributes to start to fade away and your relationship starts crashing. Marriage is no easy task. It’s no surprise that so many men are mentally not ready to go into marriage because the idea of abandoning the freedom that allows them to do as they like is indeed scary. The main issue is, are there perfect husbands? Some women may be caught up in this illusion. The second major issue is, are there good men out there? likely not because of falling societal standards. Being a good husband is more realistic than trying to pretend like the perfect husband. This article will describe important tips to become a great husband that will progressively help create a stable and happy home for your family.

Family First

The first piece of advice to become a better husband is to make sure your family gets first in any situation by any means necessary. Anyone who may have a busy career that limits their time with their family should consider this piece of advice. When you spend time with your family, you set up a foundation for a united home where your family unit can support each other when needed. Remember that your children pay attention to your actions, and prioritizing your family will also encourage them to do so in the future.

Keep your family united

The biggest task a father faces is keeping all ends of his family organized. Broken homes exist today all over the world. Such practice can be attributed to many factors, most notably, absent fathers and favouritism among your kids (Favouring a child over the other). If you want to avoid your home falling apart, every one of your kids should receive the same treatment to keep them united.

Know the difference between “your wife” and “your mother.”

This is a never-ending argument, and it seems to divide a lot of women. So the most prominent debate has always been, who should be more valued, “Your mother” or “your wife?” My answer is both of them. Your mother will forever remain a special woman in your life; without her efforts, you will never exist, and on the other hand, your wife is your backbone and your key to your future success. There is a big difference between your wife and your mother because they play different roles. They all share separate functions, and the moment you clear the air with your wife from the start, the better. It’s simple, your wife and your mum are both special, make time for both of them and love them equally.

Lay down your rules and become the Leader

Every man demands respect, and I believe it’s a male cognitive trait. As a husband, you need to lay down the rules in the house with your wife. Women love a man who commands leadership. A man who takes control of his home positively will reap the benefits because it gives his family security. Leadership creates safety, and all almost every woman can attest to it. If your wife is the type that likes to run your home, then you have your work cut out because you relinquish the power of a man.

Your wife is your best friend

Your friends will always come around, but no other person will motivate and comfort you other than your wife. Most of my male friends advise me from their view, and sometimes it’s not always comforting. On the other hand, women are predominantly emotional, and this is why your wife should be the only person you should share your burdens with because times will occur when you will need that tender loving advice, and she is the only person made for it.

Motivate your kids to be what you could not be

Growing up, we all had dreams of becoming the next big thing that never became a reality due to unforeseen circumstances. If you set your children on the right path and encourage them to follow your long-lost dream, they can help you fight your battles and rewrite your wrongs.

View your wife as your lover and not your rival

Just because she earns more or has more degrees should not make her your arch-rival. I know how challenging it is to think she is head and shoulders above you, which gives you the feeling that she will no longer respect you. Remember, nothing is stopping you from attaining the same achievement as your wife. Still, in the meantime, you need to understand that it is not about rivalry when it comes to marriage; it is about supporting her in achieving your family goals.

No, your wife should not be doing house chores every time

I also love a woman who can cook and clean but to be honest. Your wife should not be left to do it alone. Why not support her when you are capable, and she is incapable of doing it.

Use your words to lift your wife instead of putting her down

Words have a powerful meaning, and when misused, they can set anyone backwards. The thing with women is that they need gentle encouragement to replace what they hear in the real world. When you use words to put your wife down, how do you expect her to feel confident around you? Regularly use kind words to remove her insecurity because if she begins to hear encouraging words far more often, she will become the confident and strong woman you’ve always wanted.

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