9 ways on how you can become a Good Husband

There is no simple way to become a good husband, and no form of formal education will guide you on how to be a perfect husband. The truth is, there can never be a man who is perfect at everything. You can pretend to be the perfect man, but in the long run, reality always brings you down to earth.
Marriage is a tough job. Which is why so many men aren’t mentally ready to marry for fear of losing their freedom. The biggest question in the minds of every man is how can one become a good husband to their wife. This article will provide advice on how to be a good husband.

1. Your family must always come First

The first tip to become a good husband is to ensure that your family comes first in any situation, by any means necessary. This particular advice is for any man who has a busy career who does not spend much time with their family. Try as much as you can to spend time with your family. When you spend time with your family, you put in place a foundation for a united house where your family unit can support each other when necessary. Remember that your children are mindful of your actions, and giving priority to your family will also encourage them to do the same to theirs in the future.

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2. Keep your Family United

The biggest task a man faces is keeping all ends of his family together. Broken houses exist today because so many men ignore the foundations of a family bond. A disjointed home is a modern day asylum for turning your kids into irresponsible adults. This is a great way to disrupt the mental state of your children. Such a practice can be attributed to many factors, including, absent fathers and favouritism among your children (favouring one child over another). If you want to prevent your home from collapsing, every one of your children should receive the same treatment to keep them together.

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3. Know the difference between “your wife” and “your mother.”

This is an endless argument that seems to divide the views of many women. The most important debate has always been, which ought to be more appreciated, “your mother” or “your wife?” My answer is both. Your mother will forever be a special woman to you because without her efforts, you may not be where you are today. At the same time, your wife is your spine and the key to your future success. Your wife and your mother are very different because they play different roles. They all have separate responsibilities, and it’s important to clarify this with your wife before you get married, so that she understands your point of view. Simply put, your wife and mother are both special, take some time for them and love them as well.

4. Lay down your rules and become the Leader

Women love men in control. As a husband, you’re supposed to set the rules at home. A man who takes control of his house positively will reap the benefits because it gives the safety of his family. Leadership is synonymous with safety, and nearly all women can attest to that. If your wife is the type that runs your home, regardless of your input, then you have a lot on your plate because you have just given up your power as a husband.

5. Your wife is your best friend

Your friends will always be there, but no one else will motivate you better than your wife. If I use my example, my friends are always going to help me, but sometimes it’s not always the same, because there’s always something missing. The truth is, Women are predominantly caring than men with a soft touch. Because of this, your wife should be the only person you should talk to whenever you need a shoulder to rest on. I say this because a moment will come when you will need this tender and loving advice, and there is no one to run to but your wife. She’s the only person suited for this.

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6. Motivate your kids to be what you could not be

Growing up, I’m sure a lot of us had dreams of success that later turned out to be a dream too far away to catch. Do you know that with proper motivation and tutelage, your children can become the success you have always dreamed of? If you steer your children in the right direction and encourage them to follow your long-lost dream, they can help you fight your battles and rewrite your mistakes.

7. Look at your wife as your lover and not your rival

Just because your wife earns more than you or holds more degrees shouldn’t make her your rival. I know how hard it is to think that she is Head & Shoulders above you, which gives you the sense that she will no longer respect you. Remember, there is no stopping you from achieving the same success as your wife. However, in the meantime, you need to understand that it’s not about rivalry when it comes to marriage, it’s about teamwork. This teamwork is necessary for the realization of your family goals.

8. No, your wife should not be doing all the house chores

I also like a woman who knows how to cook and clean, but to be brief and simple, don’t let her do it alone. Earlier, I mentioned team work. This is the part where teamwork is required, and there is nothing more eye-catching than a man with an eye for cleanliness. There are chores that require a certain amount of physical interaction, so why not support her when you’re able, and she can’t.

9. Use your words to lift your wife instead of putting her down

Words have a powerful meaning, and when used inappropriately, they can set anybody back. The thing about women is that they need encouragement to make up for their fears and insecurity. When you use words to denigrate your wife, how can you make her feel confident in you? There is nothing worse than an insecure woman living in the same roof as you. I’m telling you, she’ll make your life miserable. On a regular basis, make use of kind words to eliminate her insecurity. When she starts hearing words of encouragement much more often, she will become the confident and strong woman that you always wanted.


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