The Power in our Words

Some of us have a habit of creating fabricated narratives to avoid certain situations or people. Remember when that friend of yours wanted to hang out with you, and just because you felt tired or didn’t want to see him, you had to lie to avoid him. I have also been in that situation, and the strangest part about this is that it always comes back to haunt you one way or another.

Do you know that words convey a lot of power and meaning? When you happen to curse yourself out of frustration, are you aware that you are directing the weight of your words into your life? Now let’s take children for an example when you call a child all kinds of horrible names, do you realize that you are creating the meaning of those harsh words into their lives. If you call your son stupid all the time, he will begin to see himself as one, and because you are a fatherly figure to him, he will believe the bad names you give him. When you bless your kids, you begin to see positivity. Remember, from the moment a child is born; they develop a strong bond with their parents. Don’t get surprised when your child acts the way you portrayed him.

The mouth can be used to either curse or bless, and when you decide to curse people who mean no harm to you, you are redirecting that same curse to yourself. When you praise people with kind words, then you can expect the same. Karma never sleeps.

I understand that life can be so tough. We go out there into the world and encounter all types of mean people who can use their bad day to impact us negatively. But the moral of this article is that no matter what you face out there, refrain from using or wishing hurtful words on others or yourself. If you can’t meet up with that friend, be honest and explain to him or her the reason for your absence. I once had to tell a friend that I had stomach pain just so that I can watch a football match. I thought I played a fast one on him, but I ended up getting stomach pain the next day, and it was unpleasant. I guess you will call that karma at its best.

There is a lot of power in your tongue, and if you don’t want to be a victim of your own harmful medicine, then avoid using words that will transfer karma to you. No matter how bad the world frustrates you, other people should not be a recipient of your bad day. Keep this in mind, whatever you don’t want to become, do not wish it on others. Words don’t come easily, but when they do, they carry so much power. If you fail to use them well, they can only be forgiven but not forgotten. As always, it’s my opinion.


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