The importance of treating your woman with so much love

Almost every man has had a side chick during a relationship, we do this because we cherish the feeling of having more than one woman, some will argue that staying with one woman is dull, meaning we are missing all the fun that other women bring, the thought of having a variety of women out there makes us feel like the main man. Sometimes being a player feels right, and there are also times that it becomes extraordinarily difficult to maintain. My point is how long does a man continue to be a player, and this is a question for this kind of men, what if your beloved daughter brings home a womanizer, how would you feel?

There are certain times when men in their youthful stages feel they are not ready to commit to one woman genuinely, and this is why they choose to look at other women. Some may term it the youthful extravagant, but it’s just how most men in their youth think, they don’t see any good at committing to one woman.

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Believe in me on this; the game seems sweet when the attractive women keep coming at you; it makes you feel on top of the world. I do not believe in karma; however, the big question is, how would you feel if another man does the same thing you do to other women to your daughter in the future? Would it make you happy? I mean, there is no harm in enjoying your life it is graciously allowed, for you remain the master of your fate, but if you ever want to have children in the future, you might need to consider your lifestyle choices.

When you inform a woman that you love her for the intended purpose of having sex with her, keep in mind that she is human, and she has a heart, your daughter could end up that way with another man. Take it easy on the vulnerable women, love when you are ready and let her know when you are ill-prepared.

Karma does attract like minds, and it might come after you in another significant way, this time, your daughter might be the victim of your own game. Hey, please don’t go after me, I am just trying to make sense, think about this. As always, it’s my humble opinion.

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