An Important Message to Fathers all over the world

It is not surprising that so many men can proudly claim to be fathers, even when they are rarely present in their children’s lives.

Becoming a father is not an easy task; it bears so much weight. When you hear that name “Father,” what comes to mind? Is it just a single male who has a kid or a married man with children? According to Wikipedia: A father is the male parent of a child. Besides the paternal bonds of a father to his children, the father may have a parental, legal, and social relationship with the child that carries with it certain rights and obligations. These are just what society expects from a father. Let’s take a more informative look into what being a father entails.

It is easy to become a father these days. It’s no surprise so many men can proudly boast that they have kids, even when they are never present. Absent dads keep the ratio of single mothers on a high, leaving them with no support for their kids. So many men do not want children because they feel having one can take them backwards. They perceive it as abandoning their extravagant lifestyle far too early. The reason behind this article is to deliver food for thought for the absent fathers.

A child is on the road to destruction when the father is absent from their childhood development. Children desire role models who they can look up to as mentors. They grasp what they see; at that early age. Every child is programmed to follow the behaviour of the ones dear to them, that being the parents or guardians. When a father refuses to become a part of his son’s journey to becoming a man, he is creating a scenario where his son will seek mentorship from the wrong people outside his home. When I mean the wrong people, he could fall in the hands of the ones who are already a menace to society.

Do you ever wonder why some boys turn out to be a danger to a community? Why some teenagers get involved in drugs and crime-related activities. Or how some men are angry and narcissistic. On the opposite side, Why do so many young women see prostitution as a source of livelihood? Do you wonder why the girl you met has such a horrible attitude? If you take a closer look, they are all related to the absence of a fatherly presence. A father is like a shield that protects his children from the damages the world brings. Some fathers are physically present but mentally absent. It means that they are around on a bodily form, but they never really follow up with what is happening in their children’s life.

When a father becomes involved in his kid’s youthful activities, he has already taken them to the paths of glory. No responsible father would want their kids to make the same mistakes they made back in the days. A father is the pillar of the house. A good father sets the pace for his kids to follow. He brings his life experience to his home by using his expertise to guide his children to sanity.

Dear Fathers, please stay with your kids. On no account must your child be left alone in this dangerous society which glorifies objects rather than subjects. The world currently is experiencing so many problems, and the last thing you can do is add to it. Some fathers who have abandoned their children complain bitterly about other people’s children. How can you remove the dirt from other people’s eyes but ignore the one in your eyes? If you point an accusatory finger at other people’s kids, keep in mind that other people are levelling their fingers at your kids that you abandoned.

Every child has a purpose the moment they are born. Stay with your children and carry out your role, for they can help you start a new chapter. Some men have a habit of accusing other people’s children, keep in mind that other people are levelling their fingers at your kids that you abandoned. It’s never too late to save your child from the grave dangers of society.

The society of today is a mean place. Everybody is looking to take advantage of the weak. The moment you allow your kids to grow up without your presence, they are rehearsing your mistakes all over again.

There is so much a mother can do. She also requires additional support; she can’t do it all on her own. Think about this. As always, it’s my opinion.


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