5 rules you need to follow to have a successful life

Your family must be the first priority

The key to a successful life is to always make time for your family. Regardless of the level of success or position you find yourself in, it is important to remember where you started. I will express it this way. No matter how busy you are, always make time for your wife/husband and children. By doing this, you are helping to keep your family together by building a strong bond, especially with your children.  Children enjoy spending quality time with their parents more than anything else. In my experience, I have witnessed families break up and children go astray. One of the main reasons this happens is because one or neither of the parents is always present. Although you have been spending time with your family, you often feel absent because you don’t have much of an impact on them. I used the term ’emotionally present’ because a lack of it can be seen as both physical and emotional absent. This is the most common cause of infidelity in a family. This will not only affect your children, but it will probably break your relationship with your partner.

When I say family, I don’t just mean your wife and children. You also have to try to look out for your parents and siblings. They are a part of what made you who you are today, and this is important. Don’t forget to appreciate the people who helped you get where you are today. In conclusion, your family comes first, then everything else.

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Invest in yourself

I believe that we are the largest shareholders in our own wellbeing, which is why we must invest heavily in it. I understand the feeling of being in a difficult situation and how easy it is to forget about taking care of ourselves. Occasionally, we get so busy with work and other things that we forget to take care of ourselves. These factors can have a negative impact on our mental health. However, I’m telling you right now in this article that one of the best ways to live a successful life is to invest in yourself.  Investing in yourself will improve your self-esteem and improve your abilities overall. Here are some ways you can invest in yourself to help your mental health:

  1. Eating healthy
  2. Exercising more often
  3. Reading more inspirational books
  4. Exploring new things and places by travelling more frequently
  5. Learning new skills that can strengthen your knowledge
  6. Learning new languages
  7. Getting more sleep
  8. Investing in your physical appearance
  9. Networking with people from different walks of life

The highest return on investment you can get is from investing in yourself.

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Don’t compare yourself to others

Despite our best efforts not to, we all have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. I admit that I have done it as well, too.  At one point, I was fascinated by the way these successful people lived their lives. Back then, I spent hours a week scrolling through the lives of these people, and it made me feel bad about myself.  I suppose this is a natural part of human nature.

I’ve comes to hate the way social media affects our lives. It seems like these platforms are the ones that make us feel insecure by comparing us. If your friends do not post and brag about their success, it is no longer social media.  At the end, it’s always about what they have that we don’t.

We either feel that our body is not good enough, that our clothes are not trendy enough, or our house is not flashy. It generally makes us feel that we are not good enough at something.  This is how comparisons can lead to jealousy.

People often overlook the fact that comparison is the enemy of our happiness. It robs us of our finances and sanity. Too much comparison can lead to low self-esteem and discontentment.  It makes us angry or frustrated when we don’t think we’re good enough.  When we compare ourselves with other people, we spend money and energy trying to keep up with people who don’t mean anything to us. We need to break the comparison cycle because it is a game we won’t win.  

Instead of worrying about whether your hair is long enough or if you are as strong as someone else, you should focus on what you want to do with your life. This can only be achieved by being more resilient and satisfied with what you have become.  The only competition you have to worry about is what you see in the mirror.

Find a support system

When I say “support system,” I mean finding a group of people who can help you in a practical or emotional way. Having support systems is essential for everyone. Many people think that it is easier to do things on their own and that their health should be left to them to take care of. This is completely not the case. The help of a support system can help you improve your overall health and reduce stress and anxiety. When faced with a difficult situation, having a support system means that you can rely on people to help you.  This is an essential aspect of living a successful life.

To truly improve yourself or learn new skills, you must surround yourself with people who are:

  1. Kind in nature
  2. Honest
  3. Who have a positive outlook about life
  4. Energetic

Look at your current social circles and family relationships to find the people who offer the most positive but honest relationship. Choose your friends wisely and with caution.

Be grateful for what you have

There is an old saying that says that we should count our blessings and name them one by one, but it can be a difficult task to replicate. As I am writing to you at this time, there are people who would do anything to be in the position you are in now. It is for this reason that we must be grateful for where we are and for what we have. Even in times of economic or political hardship, there are numerous reasons to be grateful. Whatever your situation is today, you are where you are supposed to be. If you are able to see tomorrow, it is another day to believe that you can achieve something better. 

Everyone, young and old, needs to learn how to show appreciation and gratitude. Gratitude makes us feel optimistic and helps us have a more positive perspective. Instead of constantly wanting more, it helps us to appreciate what we have right now.

A feeling of gratitude is a feeling of appreciation for:

  1. The life we have
  2. The job we currently have
  3. Our united home
  4. Our loving family
  5. A good health

I will conclude by saying that you must always be grateful for what you have, no matter how small it may be. I will tell you something. When I was young, I had only one pair of shoes. They created a feeling of insecurity and hatred in me. But my life changed when I met a disabled beggar who didn’t have feet and didn’t need shoes.

My final thoughts

It is that simple, you see. The path to a successful life is not very difficult. It is a small sacrifice that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So, why not give it a try and see how your life changes.

I am Richard Inegbedion Jr. and as Always, it’s my opinion.

Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

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