How Affordable Technology is Changing How We Manage Diabetes

Without a doubt, mobile technology has had a massive impact on the healthcare industry. The advantages are particularly noticeable in the management of diabetes, where technology has afforded patients the ability to take control of their own health. From medication reminders to monitoring glucose levels, access to smart technology now places those with diabetes in the driver’s seat. Here are some ways it’s making a difference, brought to you by Makewetalknow

Medication Reminders

One of the challenges of controlling diabetes is keeping track of when to take your medication. Medisafe makes it easy with its free medication reminder app. It features personalized reminders for every medication you take, keeping you on schedule without worry. You can list your caregiver as your Medfrien, so they can help you track your medication-taking habits.

The user-friendly app also notifies you before your prescription runs out, making sure you never miss a dose. Medisafe takes it a step further by issuing an alert warning for any drug interaction problems that might arise.

Glucose Monitoring

Continuous glucose monitoring takes the sting out of checking your blood sugar levels by eliminating or reducing finger sticks. The Abbott FreeStyle Libre Glucose Monitoring System has proven to be a life-changing technology for diabetics. It consists of a quarter-sized sensor worn on the back of your arm and a sleek pocket reader.

When the reader is swiped over the sensor, glucose readings are measured and stored in the device. It even reads data accurately through clothing. Freestyle Libre helps you and your healthcare provider manage your diabetes by chronicling detailed information about glucose levels at different times of the day. It’s the perfect choice for busy people who need to test frequently.

Fitness and Exercise Trackers

Staying physically fit and, as EndocrineWeb points out, exercising benefits those with diabetes in even more crucial ways than it does the general population. Besides weight control and lowering blood pressure, exercise increases insulin sensitivity, so it works better in your body. Ideally, you want to get a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity every day. The availability of affordable fitness trackers helps pave the way.

The Apple Watch is the ultimate workout partner and more. The watch features a large display and a built-in electrical heart sensor capable of measuring a comprehensive list of health metrics. It is a state-of-the-art smartwatch you will never want to be without – not just for its health benefits but for how it can assist you with work reminders and task management. Fitbit is another popular fitness tracker option designed for everyday monitoring of your fitness routines and goals. Of course, regardless of which tracker you use, having that extra motivation could be the key to boosting your physical activity.

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Healthy Eating and Meal-Planning Apps

Healthy meal planning is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. There are some great apps available in Canada to assist with meal planning. MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular and comprehensive apps that offer nutrition tracking, personalized reminders, and a huge database of recipes. Yummly is another great app which helps you to easily find recipes for special diets, allergies, or preferences. PlateJoy offers tailored grocery lists, detailed instructions on how to cook meals, and unique tools like calorie tracking. With these apps helping make meal planning easier than ever before, achieving your health goals has never been easier.

Managing diabetes is easier than ever before thanks to the advancement of affordable technology and innovative inventions. By tapping into these resources to help you improve your physical fitness and diet, as well as help you monitor glucose and remember medication, you are better equipped to manage your diabetes and live the life you want.

Elena Stewart

Photo via Pixabay


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