This is why it is bad for men to date while they are financially struggling

I hear some women declare their stance on settling for a man without substantial financial backing; some are only after a faithful, loving man, for their least concern is how wealthy he is but how he treats them with love and affection. I cannot understand how a man can be comfortable in depending on a woman for financial help, will that relationship survive the end of the day, I do not think so. Now, i will tell you why I feel it’s a terrible idea to court a woman during financial instability.

Men are very principled, and there are ethics they adhere to, especially when it comes to maintaining intimacy with a woman, the most important thing a man desires is “respect,” this is very dear to a man’s heart, when he loses it, he fails to stand upright. A responsible man cherishes respect and control; it inspires him to want to do more, I do not believe there is a man who would not want to take charge, maybe there is, that would be another level of foolishness. In a relationship, there must be a level of mutual respect not just towards the man but also to the woman. When there is respect, the two can complement each other in the moral sense that they know how best to succeed when a problem arises, they can achieve all things through charismatic understanding.

Let me be clear on this, I do not support a woman who pays the bills for her man, I know that some would disagree with my point, but to the critics, women, if you were in this situation, would you still regard him as a man and for the men, would you feel comfortable receiving help from her? The ultimate truth is, love has the power to conquer all impossibilities, they say love is blind, but there is a limit to this, if a woman is a financial provider in a relationship, in as much as she may stand firm and committed, there approaches a period when she becomes exhausted of playing the role of a provider, frustration begins to creep in, and if her man fails to establish any effort of retaking his rightful place, she will start to lose hope in him.

If a man fails to take full responsibility in a relationship, then he should be prepared to play second fiddle, which is, accept whatever attitude she may display. There are so many civic responsibilities attached to a man, and taking the lead is one of them, if you want to get her to regard you highly, make sure you are self-independent, there are things some women won’t openly admit, but they love a hard-working man, meaning she might not necessarily require him to be a millionaire; but at least he must be a goal-driven man who recognizes what he desires and does not shy away from getting it, some women find this extraordinarily sexy and adorable. If you want to be the boss in the relationship, i advise you to get your game right for you stand nothing to lose but all to gain, on the other side, if you feel I might be exaggerating and are okay with the contrary, then the choice is yours to make for it never ends well for a man who has no ambition.

Respect is sweet, and once you lose it, you also indirectly lose her. As always, it’s my opinion.


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