The Biggest Hypocrites Called Transparency International

I recently saw the Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perceptions Index, and it happens to be the same old story of how they ignore the most corrupt and focus on the least corrup, I say this because there has never been a time when African countries would be high up the chart for anything good as they always fall in the middle or at the bottom. By the way, how do they come up with this rating, and what credible method did they use in getting their conclusion? Why is it that these so-called non-governmental organizations who give ratings about almost everything are located in Europe? Imagine foreign people telling you that your house is filthy right in front of your nose, this is the case with this biased Europeans organization.

I do not know if Transparency International genuinely understands the meaning of corruption, how do they always leave the countries who have perpetuated the most considerable corrupt practices in history and instead go after the ones who were the helpless victims? Why is it that every year the majority of African countries are considered unethical, according to their Transparency Index and they receive an abysmal ranking? Let’s take a look at the Corruption Perceptions Index. Denmark is ranked number one, followed by New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Iceland in that order. Then outside the top 10, we have the united kingdom (12), Australia (13), Belgium (17), the United States (23), Spain (30), Portugal (34), as you can see, there is no sign of an African nation as expected. Now I ask, why is America, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, France, Spain, Germany and Australia not labelled as the most corrupt countries when these belligerent nations have caused so much destruction to humanity in forms of genocide and war? If one commits a violent act of war on innocent people, then they should be considered corrupt because staging such kind of inhumane acts and stealing their resources are corruption personified. The most corrupt countries in the world are America, France and the United Kingdom, these countries aid African leaders in siphoning their commonwealth by encouraging incompetent leadership who play their bidding of stashing illicit funds in their banks. How can America not be the most corrupt nation on earth, is Donald Trump not facing corruption charges as we speak? Throughout history, America has a hand in introducing leaders who serve their interests, they have inadvertently created violence on almost all nations on the face of the earth, so why are these organizations like T.I not taking a look at America. Let’s focus our searchlight on Belgium when they invaded the Congo for their selfish interests, should that not be considered fraud? Switzerland is an avenue for African leaders to hide their stolen wealth, Canada committed genocide on the original inhabitants of the land, the same with Australia, is this not corruption? Most countries in the top 30 all have looting and genocide on their hands, and I can’t comprehend why they choose to profile only Africans and non-black nations as the most corrupt. The 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index is a sham, and if they cannot point fingers at the instigators of wars and genocide; then, they must keep their Corruption Perceptions Index to themselves. Any nation that was involved in forcefully colonizing another human and its territory must be high up the chart as the most corrupt. How can they profile Africans as fraudulent? You cant expect a continent to recover so quickly when their European colonial masters still support leaders who halt the development of Africa while their nations remain sufficiently developed. If the International Criminal Court cannot investigate America and the rest for violent crimes against black people, then no African must honor this fake Corruption Perceptions Index. Let Europeans rank themselves and leave Africa out of their shambolic research; after all, how does this help the ordinary African? As always, it’s my opinion.


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