Fellow Africans, Nigerians are not your Problem

What do you call a situation whereby one leaves their tormentors and instead go after their fellow enslaved brethren, is this a case of Stockholm syndrome or crass stupidity? Now to South Africans especially the born-free generation, some of you may recall what transpired from 1948 -1994, how do you focus on people who undoubtedly had no hand in your economic and mental enslavement, but ignore the notable ones that played a part in it? I sincerely hope you haven’t forgotten about the countless thousands of oppressed people who died in unspeakable agony during the era of social apartheid. Consequently, when you say you want foreigners out of your country, why do you target Africans and not Europeans? The Europeans are never affected by your deliberate acts of xenophobia, can someone adequately explain why this typically the case?

I go through so many comments on social media and see so much hate most of you direct towards Nigerians, I try to dig deep into the root of the problem and can’t see any need for this ruthless behavior. South Africans claim that Nigerians are drug dealers and internet fraudsters, some of them even go as far as saying that they are human traffickers who lure their women into prostitution. I conducted critical research on this, and in as much as I reluctantly agree with South Africans, I don’t think it should warrant that amount of personal hatred. Nigeria is genuinely the most massive black nation, and the sole way to irretrievably ruin the black man is to start in places where they are dominant. In this case, that happens to be Nigeria. Let’s dissect this issue further. I do not think xenophobia represents African because before colonization; we had no secure borders; the Europeans colonialists were the inventors of an Africa with stringent limits. The real instigators of xenophobia are behind the scene pulling strings, and these are the media, wealthy white elites and the South African government. Why is it that xenophobia perpetually seems to show up when the government is inevitably facing harsh criticisms? It happened under Jacob Zuma regime and now it is happening during the Cyril Ramaphosa precarious tenure. Xenophobia diverts national attention away from bad governance. 

Let’s put our focus on the many accusations against Nigerians; they say Nigerians have a habit of engaging in all kinds of nefarious activities, mainly drugs. Where are these drugs being manufactured? How do you think they enter the market? Who supplies Nigerians with the drugs and how come nobody has ever questioned how they got into the country be it land, air or sea? Most people are not aware of the American government’s role in the production of hard drugs. Drugs were continuously pumped into the black communities in the early 80’s by the Ronald Reagan’s government. Where do you think the Central Intelligence Agency got funds for its secret projects through the sale of drugs, the CIA trafficked cocaine to fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua and the Iran Contra affair. With this useful piece of information, it is clear that Nigerians did not manufacture drugs; the flow of drugs is a big business involving government and powerful organization. The Nigerians who do drugs have their sponsors in South Africa and trust me; they are not Nigerians.

The hatred for Nigerians is unreasonable and they are not the enemies Africans should go after. Nigeria had her independence the same period as other African nations, they also went through colonization and did not create poverty for any African, neither were they involved in apartheid. It’s on record that Nigeria, along with other African nations were at the forefront of the eradication of apartheid. Then why channel your hatred on Nigerians and not the oppressors who are still around today? Why are the law enforcement agencies in South Africa not playing an active role in combating this illegal activity? The white people who denied the black South Africans of any progress control 90% of the wealth, Patrice Motsepe is the only black man on the list of the top ten richest South Africans. Is that not a shame?

Allow me to make one thing clear, there is only one winner if Africans stand divided, and it’s the Europeans. Africa represents the continent with the most impoverished people; nobody is going after the leaders in Africa who conspired with their foreign colonial masters to cause poverty. Instead of dissipating so much energy on Nigerians, why not channel that same energy on your respective governments? This message is for all Africans; Africa needs to relentlessly focus its key priority on matters that will instantly make us progress. Do not forget that same bad governance experience all over Africa is also prevalent in Nigeria. Now Africans have begun to show the same resentment towards Somalis, Somalis are not terrorists; the real terrorists are the Europeans who create brutal wars to sell weapons and then place restrictions on the land that they terrorize. Africans must forcibly resist from identifying one another as enemies, Nigerians or Somalis are not the problem, if you happen to meet any rotten eggs, instead of demonizing them, why not guide them properly. I am aware that some may not agree with this article, but I am appealing to gifted students of African history, please do think about this, they are laughing at us at this moment, we can’t even put our house in order. As always, it’s my humble opinion.


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