Trumps Visa Travel Ban Focuses On his Business Interest Rather than The Security Of Americans

The recent travel ban initiated by the Donald Trump Administration to six countries is far from a security-related issue; instead it’s an intended target on nations that have no business ties with President Trump. The reasons for the Travel ban is because they have failed to meet the US security and information sharing standard which necessitated the new restrictions. Other issues raised were the sub-par passport technologies and the failure to exchange necessary information on terrorism and suspected criminals. The six affected countries are Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania. Taking a closer look at the countries affected by the travel ban, it is clear to see that none of them have carried out any form of terror attack on American soil. So what is the real reason behind the travel ban? Is this just another aim at nations who are less important to Trumps business empire?

The US president outrageously cited the 9/11 incident as to why America had to enforce the travel ban. Sadly, one thing he forgot to concentrate on was that the 19 hijackers in the 9/11 attacks who were from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and the other one was from Egypt; none of which were affected by trumps travel ban. We can now conclude that it is not about securing the lives of Americans but demeaning countries that are less important to Trump’s business plan. This is not targeted at Muslims because most included in the travel ban are several nations with significant Muslim populations like Turkey, India and the Philippines, all of which harbor his businesses. The harsh truth is if you take a look at the countries hit with the travel ban, these countries have no business ties with Trump, most of these countries are the poorest in the world. The hypocritical part in this saga is that America plays the role of the world police and they claim to assist these nations in curbing terrorism. Then why discriminate against the same people who they claim to protect? Saudi Arabia is known to be the most brutal barbarous nation with a terrible human rights records. Their unspeakable atrocities can be felt all over the world, notably in Yemen. So why has Trump ignored the Khashoggi murder case which has Saudi Government finger prints written all over it, or is that not a security concern? This is a not a racist act or a war against Muslims, it’s simply business for the US president and this is why the real perpetrators of terrorism are not affected by the travel ban. On the issue of security, the American Government needs to take a more thorough look at its key allies, mainly Israel and Saudi Arabia; these countries constitute a threat to world peace in general. Ignore this travel ban, it’s merely business for if they cared about national security then Saudi Arabia should receive a ban because of the role it’s citizens played in the 9/11 attack. As always, it’s my opinion.


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