The Divide And Rule Agenda Used Between Africans And African-Americans

Since the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) exhausted all their options on mind-controlling programs, the next big thing was the media. The media effectively is a compelling platform because it consists of different types of communication such as, print, broadcast media and most recently, the digital media. In specific terms of viewership, countless of active users make use of the mass media as their sole source of valuable information. We may traditionally think of the mass media as a tool for disseminating credible information. On the other hand, for nefarious reasons some groups of people have used the mass media to enact the divide and rule agenda involving Africans and African-Americans.

Let me clarify one thing, some powerful people have unanimously decided against the fundamental unity of the black race worldwide. The largest group of black people in the world are in Africa, and any attempt to unite Africans with other descendants of Africa is a harm to the European agenda. I grew up keenly watching so much African-American content on the media, most especially Hollywood and most of what they typically portray of black people is abysmal and derogatory. The content is full of violence, aggression, ignorance and drug related. Do you know why so many people discriminate against black people? It’s because of what they instantly see on television portraying black people in such a negative way. Whatever they typically see on the official media platforms has undoubtedly succeeded in controlling their conscious thoughts about black people. Over in Africa, entertainment content involving African-Americans have a large viewership in mostly urban and rural areas. Those who are lovers of hip-hop music get addicted to the lyrics and lifestyles. At the same time, those who love movies typically tend to see social reality through these movies. Now let’s switch over to the American viewership of Africa. There has never been anything positive portrayed about Africa, so many documentaries aired about Africa portrays Africans as been savages, primitive, dirty, uncivilized and dim-witted. So what was the agenda? The purpose was for the world to view Africans as unintelligent. An elite group in America control the media companies; they purposefully control everything we traditionally see or typically hear. There is two platforms to focus on, which are the movie and the local music industries. These industries have negatively represented African-Americans to Africans in the wrong way. Then on the other side, we have the news media which portrays Africans to African-Americans as uncivilized. To unearth their agenda, we must understand that the American government have considerable stake in Hollywood’s music industry and news media. They use these specific forms of media to carefully control the conscious thoughts of people so that whatever the masses see becomes how they ultimately view reality. The primary aim is to make sure that African-Americans view Africans as uncivilized tree climbing humans while Africans view African-Americans as violent in nature. The white supremacy knows that if Africans are in synergy with African-Americans, then their white supreme power will severely diminish. They want African-Americans to avoid visiting Africa and on the flip side; they want Africans to prevent any close ties with African-Americans whenever they visit America.

Why do you think there has been a strained relationship between both groups of black people? The American Government is responsible for the extremist group called the Hebrew Israelite. Their evil purpose is to use the Bible to intentionally distort information about how Africans are the beloved sons of cursed Ham while the African-Americans are the true biblical Israelite’s. The purpose is by referring to Africans as the sons of Ham; it means dissociating themselves from anything related to Africans. Unfortunately, these groups have succeeded in infiltrating the media, especially social media, and they now have faithful followers who spread this belief among other black people.

In conclusion, it’s like taking the sore heads of both Africans and African-Americans and striking them against each other. What do you think the outcome will be? Overall, it will damage them both and result in disaster. This divisive agenda has been the operational plan of the government since the end of slavery. If the government is unsuccessful in dividing the black race in time, black people will be empowered to rise against white supremacy and take back control, and this is what we call levelling the playing field. I have faith that one day, the white supremacy powers will undoubtedly fall. The black man, be it in Africa or the Diaspora, will rule unanimously over the land. As always, it’s my humble opinion.


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