The Most Forgiving Race

The wise say the more you carefully look, the less you inevitably see, some specific events in history causes you pent-up frustration if you put your mind into it. The history of humanity cannot be comprehensive without the tragic story of the genocide, abject slavery, intimidation and annihilation inextricably involving a particular race. Graciously allow me to make one thing clear, I do not know of any other that has ever gone through hell on earth for hundreds of years and still counting. Lovely ladies and gallant gentlemen may I intentionally introduce you to the hue-mans, the black people.

As an eager student of history, I marvel at the historical strides the black race has undoubtedly made throughout time. Unluckily, because of white supremacy, the real history of the black race has been wiped out of the books. These days we are accustomed to pathetic stories of how the white race created everything we see today. It makes you instantly begin to wonder if black people were merely sitting under a rock when the white man was building history? We know throughout history the sole things that black people got to know were slavery and colonization. All over the world, from Africa, Asia, Europe, America’s and Australia, black people have been decimated in huge numbers raking in the millions. It’s as if nobody cares about it, and today mostly in Africa, some of them have even forgotten. Huge respect to the African-Americans who recognize the sins of their captors. Why do some Africans not follow the same approach as the African-Americans? If you were to constructively engage them in this particular topic, they would either defend their savage captors or choose to ignore the difficult questions.

The descendants of their captors are still alive today as we speak. There has been no apology or compensations offered to the slave descendants scattered all over the world. Isn’t it strange how the presumed victims of the Holocaust occupied the independent state of Israel as part of the many reparations given to them? But the same does not apply to black people who have lost more in numbers? How can black people still have a cordial relationship with their captors who have refused to own up to the inhumane treatment of their direct ancestors? If we take a look at countries who benefited from this terrible carnage, most of them don’t care; if you argue with them about it, they inevitably seem to find a way to shift the blame. Believe me, if they had it their way, they would still commit the same atrocities of their ancestors in the open. I repeat myself, how can black people easily forgive the same people who have systematically shifted wealth and development in favor of their kind? As we speak, the countries who were involved in the genocide of black people have still refused to make amends for their sins against humanity. Its just business as usual and the black man has gotten used to his ordeal of suffering and smiling. To him, history is history and life must go on. The black man’s situation hasn’t changed, it still seems to remain a white man’s world, and the blood of his ancestors has all gone in vain. As always, it’s my humble opinion.


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