Are You Still Waiting For That One Miracle?

We look up to God for so many of our specific needs that overburden our dear hearts. We typically encounter so many problems that it improperly places significant weight on our mighty shoulders; this is why we take it in prayers for an urgent solution. So many people lose hope in the process of expecting that one big miracle; some even disconnect from God, thinking he has willingly abandoned them. Do you think there might be a possible reason why that miracle hasn’t come?

When we ask God for help, we require the understanding that there are so many people out there praying for the same. Some eagerly seek an answer to their financial crisis, healing from a sickness, lottery wins, change from a particular behaviour, and the list is endless. But while we politely ask God for a miracle, are you aware that some miracles require people to play a part for it to manifest. God employs people to fulfil the problem of others; issues like a financial breakthrough need people for it to succeed. A wealthy man who seeks God’s help for a miracle can furthermore be of help to the impoverished man who also prays to God for help. Sometimes God desires us to play a part in uplifting others, the miracle that others seek might require your presence.

If you purchase a car or a house, that’s not a miracle, it’s a need you had to fulfil when the time was accurate. A single mom who executes two jobs and still finds time to attend her kid’s school play event, that’s a miracle. A teenager who says no to violence and yes to education, that’s a miracle. A man who enjoys an abundance of food in his home then decides to expand his home for the homeless; he has just played a part in someone else’s miracle. We continuously require God to perform everything for us, but what we don’t recognize is that we have the power to represent help to others. If you are still waiting for that miracle, then why not play a part in fulfilling other people’s prayers, your actions might touch the heart of God. As always, it’s my humble opinion.


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