How They Use Black Entertainers to Mock the Black Race

These type of rap depicted everything wrong in the black community today. Lyrics in rap music portrays violence, drug abuse, thuggery and promiscuity.

I grew up watching a lot of Hollywood movies and rap music. I always wondered why black rappers portray an image of drug abuse, violence, thuggery and gangsterism. The perception people have of black people all over the world is that of what they see on T.V, and you wonder why the black race is the most hated.

The media is the most powerful mind control tool used to spread an agenda for a particular purpose. The government uses the media for propaganda purposes such as the divide and rule concept, distraction from failed governance. The broadcast media is the most popular type of media most people use as their source of information, and this is why whatever people see on T.V. turns out to shape their reality. In my previous articles, I made mention of powerful elites who own multi-million dollar media corporations and these powers use the media they own in doing their sinister agenda in America.

I love Hollywood movies and rap music, but unfortunately, black people are not presented positively on these platforms. These powerful elites who also own stakes in Hollywood and big music record labels created an agenda to use these services to make a mockery of black people, and the surprising part is that they use black people to do the dirty jobs.

When rap music became relevant in the 80’s, the most popular type of rap available was called “gangster rap.” This type of rap depicted everything wrong in the black community today. Lyrics in this rap portrayed violence, drug abuse, thuggery and promiscuity. It became a big trend in the 80’s and 90’s that every young kid became addicted to these lyrics along with the rappers who became their role models. This inspired a wave of violence in the black neighborhoods because every single gangster “wannabee” wanted to be just like what they saw on the television and with this practice, there was mass incarceration of black youths, most of whom were consumers of gangster rap content. The present-day saw the death of gangster rap. Instead, we are currently witnessing an increase in trap music, aka mumble rap, this artist flaunts their jewelry and lavish lifestyle on social media. We are also seeing the influx of female rappers who are always half-naked twerking on videos and they rarely make any sense with their lyrics.

As I said earlier, I grew up always wondering why black people act this way in rap music, instead of using rap music to uplift our broken minds, it is being used to spread hate and violence. The powers that be are the ones who are responsible for this black rappers making a fool out of themselves by promoting this terrible content. For years they have always had a plan on portraying black people negatively using the media and this is why they sponsor rap artists to use cynical lyrics to attract the attention of the young black people. The idea is that when the youth see their favorite rappers use this content and behave in a way that glorifies violence, it becomes reasonable to them, and this is why there was a big wave of violence in the black community.

Think about this, have you ever wondered why in movies, black people are always drug dealers, gangsters, slaves, servants, prostitutes, or angry delusional black women and men? These are the kinds of stereotypes they intend on putting out to the masses about black people and this is why the elites finance record labels who go on to sign these rap artist only to increase the wave of violent and promiscuity among their supporters. If you look closely, why is it that you never get to see white musicians behave the way their black counterparts do? Why is it that you never get to see any white musician come out half nude displaying art of ignorance as we see in black female artists, also why don’t we see white male musicians come out singing about violence, women, sex, drugs, etc.

The elites know what they are doing and they use black actors and rappers as their puppet to create a particular stereotype about all black people. The first thing that comes to mind when a black man is riding in an expensive car is that he is a drug dealer; this is because his kind has been portrayed negatively in the movies. If you visit countries with a few black populations, the first thing in their mind is that black people are violent people all because of Hollywood and rap music. Movies and music are the mind control platforms used to create negative stereotypes about the black race and this is why in the 80’s to 90’s, gangster rap flourished and presently seeing black female rappers come out almost nude, twerking on stage is like a norm to us now. This show of shame has destroyed the black image worldwide, the elites manufactured this plan, and this is why I am totally against anything media entertainment because in general it’s been more harm than good for black people globally. As always, it’s my opinion.

4 thoughts on “How They Use Black Entertainers to Mock the Black Race

  1. Can I get permission to repost this on my blog as a – guest post? It is very well written point of view? Thank you!


    1. Yes I approve and give my permission to repost my article. Please continue to support the cause!

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