Why Children Must Not be Treated as Adults at that early age

The innocent mistake some responsible parents typically make is that by genuinely trying to make their kids useful to society, they carefully put them through so many disciplinary measures at a significantly adolescent age. Their honourable intention could be to make the dear child get accustomed to that moral behaviour. Whichever possible way a parent chooses to raise their children, there will inevitably be repercussions in the future. Enable me to try to get my point more clear.

The lifelong dream of every parent out there is to possess children who will grow up to be good ambassadors of the family. It is rare to find any parent who will want their kids to grow up becoming a confounded nuisance to society. So by making sure these dreams become a reality, they develop strict disciplinary procedures for their children, intending to make sure it becomes a part of them when they grow up. Some fathers become too harsh on their children, hoping they don’t become a disgrace to the family. They feel that if their kids keep playing or hanging out with other kids, that deviant behaviours could adversely influence them. The fundamental question is, are these disciplinary measures necessary? My humble opinion is that a child needs to feel like a child. It is defective for a parent to restrict their children from performing certain things that children do, as it only reshapes the child’s thinking to something that they are not.

When you forbid a child from playing with his or her peers, it may be a short-term fix; however, you are only just making the child too curious. The most efficient approach will be to impart the child with moral values that they must uphold; they need awareness on the good and the bad that instantly surrounds society. This method alone gives the child a sense of what they must accept and reject. It is wrong for a parent to treat their children like adults at such a young age. It only makes the child forget they are children and instead focus their mindset on adulthood. I make mention of children becoming a product of how their parents shape them, if you tell a child to behave a certain way, they will only want to find out why in the first place.

For example, if a parent restricts their adolescent daughter from associating with other girls or boys her age, it may work out for the duration she is under her parent’s watchful eyes, but what happens when she becomes an adult and self-independent? She will want to live her childhood experience. A child should not have to forfeit their childhood, and every child must feel like a child; they must perform things that children carry out, partake in activities that every other child their age does.
Do you continuously ponder why a woman in her 30s keeps behaving like a child, or a man in his 30s behaving like a child? These odd behaviours are the results of when you deny your daughter her childhood. Allow them to be like kids when they are young, grant them the freedom of being with other kids, teach them the benefits they will receive by becoming good people and the dangers that loom ahead if they turn out to become a menace to society. As a parent, part of your purpose is to be a permanent life coach for your kids; at that moment, the rest should remain the children’s choice. You always wonder why some adults behave immature? Think about it. As always, it’s my opinion.


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