The Prolongation of French Dominance: The CFA Francs to ECO

This time around France which is one of the most significant colonial powerhouse have cooked up another back door plan. They are planning to expand their dominance by using their trusted ally in Ivorian president, Alassane Ouattara, a french puppet who himself has been a strong supporter of the french owned currency. It is one of our own who has decided to sell out, How long will this foolery end?

There is a substantial sinister motive going on, and we seem to think that there is an excellent emancipation from the shackles of our former colonial master. It’s so funny to think that those who participated in the physically, financially and mentally enslavement of the African man will all of a sudden relinquish power to the oppressed. News making the rounds indicates that eight west African countries have agreed to change the name of their currency from CFA to eco, these eight countries are Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo. Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara announced that there would be a change of name of the currency, the elimination of Frances holds on 50 percent of its reserves in the French treasury and the withdrawal of french hold in any aspect of its money.

The truth is, Alassane Ouattara needs to explain to the rest of West Africa why he has sold out the freedom of west Africans, why has he decided to accept his master’s task. Qattara is helping France deliver on his promises to help France control the entire west Africa, not just the french speaking countries. France played a significant role in helping him to power when former president Laurent Gbagbo regime collapsed, France was responsible for the crisis that rocked Abidjan, the turmoil that forced Gbagbo out of control. The primary truth they try to hide from us is that the name of the currency change does not matter, CFA to eco is just a three-letter word, and all those proposed changes are all meant to fool the masses. The only difference is the name, France will still keep 50 percent of their reserve, and this will never stop France from being I control. The main idea behind this fake event is for France to manage the entire west Africa. The aim is to take full control of ECOWAS trade targeting other members who are are not in France control. We still have Nigeria, ghana, sierra leone, Gambia, Liberia etc. these countries are the primary targets; they want to have a full state of the West African market. This is why France came out to support this currency change. France needs Nigeria and ghana to be added to the list of countries that will be under their control; this is why this so-called new currency will still be pegged back to the euros. Imagine having control of the Nigerian market, which accounts for 40 percent of trade in the region, this is what France is trying to capture. There is no way France will relinquish control of territories they are known to exploit and do you think they will let go of the interest they accrue from the reserves been kept in their coffers. Almost every Africa country has a European puppet, and this time, France is doing the bidding on behalf of the European Union, for they have vowed that their targets will focus beyond just French-speaking African countries. They want their control to extend beyond this francophone countries to the anglophone countries. Don’t forget that the U.K still uses its own currency, although even a member of the E.U same can be said of Denmark. Nigeria and ghana need to jettison the idea of adopting the ECO, for it is a shambolic agenda meant to control the entire west African state; you cant change currency and still peg it back to the euro, the same zone that controls part of the francophone African countries reserves. Africans needs to keep one thing at the back of their thoughts, they still control everything we think we own, they are not physically present. Even they make use of puppets who assist them manage this ill-gotten asset, do you believe Allasane Quattara will abandon his beloved CFA francs for the eco? Watch as this drama unfolds, somethings will never ever change. as always it’s my opinion


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