Why starting a New Year’s resolutions doesn’t make sense

Let’s be sincere to ourselves, how many of you have ever maintained a “New Year resolution” consistently. In my opinion, I do not believe it is achievable, and I will tell you what I think about it.

What is New Year’s resolution? It is defined as a tradition in which an individual decides to change an undesired behaviour to improve their lives. It’s known worldwide, and it’s familiar with people who feel they haven’t been living the desired way they wish to live, and there is a intent to change that behaviour or trait by the new year. I have also had New Year’s resolution; there are things I do that I am not happy about, I can say the same about literally everyone alive today. We all have personal bad habits we continuously do, and these behaviours are what we try to change, but the greatest challenge we face is changing these habits, for they require character and dedication.

The question is, can we observe a new year’s resolution? Is this doable, or instead, can this be maintained for an extended period. Some people create a New Year’s resolution, only for them to still keep doing the same thing they wish to change a year later. It’s not that they don’t feel dedicated to the course, but somehow we are faced with so many life struggles that it gets the worst out of us. Let’s say, if one has an anger issue and the resolution would be to limit the number of times when one gets angry, are you for sure that you can avoid the world knowing well that what brings anger in us is the world in general. I don’t know of anyone who develops irritation right from the time they wake up, for it only happens when other people or circumstances are involved. So if one would like to reduce anger in their life, is it possible to limit your contact with the world, I don’t think so. What about those who would like to change the habit of always putting others first above themselves, are you for sure that you won’t let those people back in your life again, would they not trigger the same behaviour that you wish to change. Now, this is why I feel it’s impossible to start a new year’s resolution because the habit you are trying to change will end up showing in a couple of months, which defeats the entire new year resolution agenda.

For me, I think learning from past mistakes is the best agenda one should pursue instead of trying to start a new year’s resolution. I know we all make lousy mistakes for it is human of us, but how do we learn from them, it takes time for one to avoid making the same mistakes. Behaviour is so difficult to change because, realistically, we still end up encountering the same people or situations that trigger that undesired behaviour. Why not be aware of these mistakes and attempt to make sure they don’t repeat themselves. To me, this is more achievable than a new year’s resolution because it’s hard to change behaviours, and even if you succeed in doing that, it only lasts for the first two months, and then the old you come back again once trouble comes calling. As always, it’s my opinion.


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