“The Year of Return” is a U.S government secret project

They described the “year of return” as an initiative by the Ghanaian government aimed at encouraging Africans in the diaspora to return to their heritage and settle. The question is, why is the Ghanaian government so hesitant in bringing back all black people to it’s country? What I don’t get, is it that these Africans in diaspora can’t make their own choices? Why has this taking center stage in the media?

Earlier this year, there was a big row between the American and Ghanaian government over Ghana’s refusal to accept 7000 Ghanaian nationals that it wanted to deport. The issue brought a diplomatic row between the U.S. and Ghana. Ghana argued that they were not sure that every one of those 7000 immigrants where fully Ghanaian, and besides that, the treatment given to those deportees was inhumane. America accused the 7000 deportees of committing immigration-related offences. America in the process tried to bully Ghana into collecting these deportee’s and they went as far as threatening to force them on a plane to Accra. Now I’ve been following this event, and in my understanding it is right to say that this is another one of American initiated ploys aimed at indirectly chasing away every black person with unconfirmed roots back to Ghana. How can America be sure that 7000 people are of Ghanaian descent? These days anyone can obtain a passport. America coerced Ghana into accepting this massive amount of deportees because of the American visa ban.
The American government deported 7000 African diaspora immigrants in America, and they lied that they were Ghanaian and there was no proof to support that because all efforts by Ghana to confirm their nationality was frustrated by America. Those 7000 deportees could also be Nigerians, Liberians, Gambians, or other Africans or even Caribbean. The plan is to tempt all black people in America back to Ghana due to its small population. The American government has budgeted so many resources in encouraging this so-called year of return event. They went into secret talks with Ghana to persuade them to agree to be part of this agenda. They have used their Hollywood and music industry puppets to promote this year of return. The aim is to make black Americans feel that there can be a better life in Africa where they won’t have to go through racism anymore. All the staged police killings of unarmed black men through the media was only made so that black people will feel that they need to leave America to a place where they will feel safe. Now they are organizing concerts in Ghana, all the musicians and black Hollywood stars are heading there to promote the plan. I told you earlier in one of my articles that these so-called black Hollywood stars are not pro-black, they are in the payroll of the powers that be in America, their task is to promote division between blacks and whites in America. It is not just Hollywood stars, even musicians in America are part of this agenda. The American government choose Ghana because it’s a place they control, the population is reasonable and with this Ghana will get more support from America. This agenda is more likely to get them out of America quicker. Why do you think that white supremacists use slang like, “go back to Africa” because now is the time they want them out. Did anyone ask why they don’t promote Nigeria as a destination? No, because Nigeria is at the moment too overpopulated, and it won’t serve it’s agenda knowing that Nigerians are stubborn people in nature more than all other Africans. Do you for once think that everything seems okay in Ghana when there is poverty? I am wondering how would encouraging this benefit the average Ghanaian? All these are questions people don’t ask. The powers that be have decided that it’s time black Americans leave, they are smart, and this time around they won’t physically chase them away, they will promote other countries in doing their bidding. They want to make America great again, that’s the slogan, meaning they want to make America white again. The year of return is not a Ghanaian government initiative, where would Ghana get the resources to organize all these public events? It’s an American government idea in partnership with the Ghanaian government and they are all working together. You can also connect the dots by watching how big they publicize this idea. If the global media start putting a particular purpose in the press for such an extended period, then you must know it’s a very well planned effort.

I am not against any black person moving back to Ghana, but have you ever asked why the media in America; who for years have been putting out wrong information about Africa, now all of a sudden is starting to promote Africa as a better destination? So you mean to tell me the same people who portrayed Africa as a terrible place will now support it as an excellent destination? They put out the message to African Americans that African’s are uncivilized booty scratchers. On the other side, they said that African Americans are gangbangers, thugs and ignorant buffoons using Hollywood movies. This is what you should ponder about, the powers that be don’t mean well for the unity of humanity, and this time they want America back again, they want it to be all white. Take a second and think about this. As always, it’s my opinion.

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