A Message To the Good Girl

Despite all the domestic chores you do for him, you begin to wonder why won’t he tip me. Everything I did for him, no other woman can match that. What else do I need to do for him? Why has he forsaken me? I even did things I didn’t want to do, but he ended up leaving me for her. Why does it always go wrong for such kind of woman?

We need to treat this as an alarming issue, why are some men so inconsiderate and insensitive. A woman will do everything for him, only for him to run to another woman who is terrible at everything. These thoughts fill your mind; it makes you feel depressed at how much you’re all was not enough to make him stay. They say they all want a wife material; you play the part only for him not to consider you as a wife. You begin to question the meaning behind the term called “wife material.” The questions in your heart are, I was the one who helped lift him when he was down, I was the one who believed in his vision, I set him up for success and as a woman, and I was ready to stand by him if the worst becomes. When every one of my family warned me about him, I shrugged them off and defended him openly, even my friends wondered what I saw in him. I wanted to be his wife so severely that I had to play the wife role in the home, I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and I even decided to change my sex habit just for him. I became the nasty woman in bed, only to satisfy his sexual urge so that he won’t go outside looking for sex. When he was financially down, I came to the rescue, I gave him everything I had.

When I was at work, his well-being was my concern. I called him almost five times a day during my working hours. I rushed back home after work to prepare a clean home for him. I can’t believe that after all these sacrifices I made for him, he still ended up looking at another woman, the kind of woman who he went for was not even close to my moral standards. You asked, why do men always leave the good women and run after whores and slay queen. They berate all women by saying we are not wife materials, but at the end of the day, they run down to a far from being wife material kind of woman. Why does this always happen to us good women, you begin to wonder what we have to do as women to keep this kind of man? Now you feel worthless that the only thing in your mind is figuring out what to do to win him back. If this can’t work, then what else can a woman do? Your thoughts even take you as far as considering been a whore so that he can come back. But why must you change? Is he the only man in the world?

Now, if you are this type of woman, do not worry. Like I said previously, as humans, sometimes we don’t know what we want. We ask for the good, but misbehave when it comes in front of us. Yes, you are right, men do talk about this wife material, but they do not cherish one if she does happen. Being a wife material is not something that every woman understands, the few who do are taken for granted. Funny thing is the so-called slay queens are the ones who end up getting this man. Do not be saddened; there are billions of men, some are married, and the others aren’t. That special man will locate you; not every man is this bad; it only takes one man to find you and appreciate you. Some men pray for your kind of woman; they will locate you very soon. You are just unlucky to have met the wrong ones, but one cannot always suck at luck all the time, there will be a time your turn to be lucky will come, and that man who prays for a woman like you will resurface just for you. As always, it’s my opinion.

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