Why every woman needs a Tender Hug

The frustration we go face in life can be demanding and stressful, some situations have the strength of weighing us down mentally. Let’s take for instance a job. You begin to notice that your current job is not what you enjoy any more, you don’t want to be there. The workload is too much for you to handle. Still, the organization will never understand what you go through because to them, it’s profit before any other thing else.

We are built to have limits in everything we do, I will describe the human being as an emotional animal, the kind who needs love and attention to strive. So many people hate where they are today, some don’t like their jobs, while others are depressed in their current relationship. The problem associated with unhappiness is that you find it hard to open up to anyone because, as usual, humans will always be the judge and executioner. The mental weight we carry while at work is so draining that it has no quick cure, and some say a night’s rest is a solution, but what happens the following day? Can sleep really help in curing a bad day at work? I don’t think so, reasons being that we come home with the same problem. The only unpopular solution I feel can help heal the mentally tired person who has had a bad day at work is what I call a “hug.” When you get a hug from the one who means a lot to you, this exercise can cure that unfortunate day in general. It’s not about going to bed because we end up doing that every night, how about getting a hug from the one you love? Let’s say, for instance (I am using women as a reference), if you are a man, and you know you have a girlfriend or wife who faces a similar situation, have you ever thought of listening to her and then ending it with a sweet hug? When you hold her, she feels that she is not alone any more, the weight of the world has been lifted off her shoulders.

That hug has assisted in giving her the energy she needs to carry on. If you are a woman, why not try giving your man a hug too after that long day at work. For a man, it’s way trickier because in his world, he is expected to solve all the problems at hand, and when he is struggling with what he knows how to do best, he is expected to complete the task without further assistance. If you see your man looking emotionally drained, the cure for such ailment is a hug. Hold him and let him know that you will always be by his side when he faces such a bad day. He/she doesn’t need to be scolded or to be left alone to suffer. Just hold her tightly and let her know that her suffering is also yours, trust me; this is the first cure to that long, lousy day at work. As always, it’s my opinion


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