A Message To The Good Guy

They always pray for your kind and you are the type who does everything for the woman you have accepted to love. You bend over backwards just for her to be happy. The things you are willing to do for her is ludicrous, but you are ready to be inconvenienced so that she can have a comfortable life. You live for her welfare and well-being, and you’d rather starve to see her eat. But what becomes of this kind of men.

The kind of heart you have is so divine that you begin to wonder why things do not go in your favour. You have a good spirit of compassion filled with so much love to give. Nothing can go wrong with you because your thinking is that of saving others first before yourself. When you love, you give it your all, and you even take bruises in the process to satisfy the love of your life. Why has this world not adapted to your kind of person, you silently ask, why they always take you for granted. You have concluded to take a grenade for her, meaning that you signed your death warrant, saying that if all goes down to the wire, you will give your life for her. They say you are annoying and boring because you aren’t part of the loud ones; she says you don’t have courage all because you are gentle, and you believe in the name of peace in solving all issues. She even mocks you about your sex, saying it’s not the way she wants it to be, this is all because you make sex so passionately that you prefer to make love in a respectful but passionate style, a way befitting to a queen. She also comes out to say that you are insecure just because you worry about her whereabouts and her coming home late.

Every day the only thing you have in your thoughts are how you can satisfy her, you live for her happiness. Why do they always treat you wrong. You keep asking, aren’t you the same man that they are praying for, you question the thinking behind that statement. You gave your heart, your money and body any other thing she could think of, she gets from you. You fit the category of that man they pray for, but later they turn out to change their tune. The beauty in her is all you see; any other woman doesn’t even come close. Her smell is your daily delight, that you yearn for it all day long. If flowers could speak, they would say beautiful things about you all because you buy the best among them for her. If only love had a voice, it would sing your name because you steal all its supplies and hand it over to her.

Why are you being taking for granted as a good guy? They seem to prefer the bad guys now. Yes, he’s terrible, and he seems to have that lousy boy spice that you don’t have, but you begin to wonder, why do they always love been poorly treated but still complain when no good man comes their way. How can you dedicate your entire life only for her to reject you. That one particular woman breaks your heart; you stare at her, wishing she can be all you want, and all you ever wanted is for her to accept everything you give, which is love and unlimited compassion. I know how you feel; there are thoughts in your head that advice you that being a bad guy pays because these day’s women do love them a bad boy. Now, as a good guy, don’t ever let this get you down, the world you live in today, and the one before are miles apart.

Some women of today hate been hurt, but love the feeling it brings to them. The world will learn to adapt for you, there is always a woman for every man. One woman shouldn’t change your perception of the majority. There are women who pray for your kind, they wish they could see you, they also do desire your traits which is rare to find. Ignore the bad guys; they don’t last long anyway, they go from woman to woman looking for whom to devour. There comes a time their luck runs out.

Dear good guy, your kindness is hard to find, so save it for the right woman. Do not ever change; some women don’t know what they want any more, but all you need is only one woman to see that you are all she ever needed. Stay strong and keep believing, the normal thinking woman needs you out there, someday she will locate you. As always, it’s my opinion

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