Race War Agenda: Gabrielle Union firing from America’s Got Talent is a staged event

In my previous articles, I have highlighted how they use staged events to fool the masses, create disunity among races and they use these psychological operational events to give more light to feminist movement groups across America. We will look into this Hollywood character called Gabrielle union and why she was fired.

Variety first published a report alleging Union had been fired after urging the show’s producers to notify human resources about an incident involving a racist joke. It also said that producers told her multiple times that her hairstyles on the show were “too black.” News broke on Nov. 22 that Union and Julianne Hough who joined the season 14 America’s Got Talent judging panel in February, replacing spots vacated by Mel B and Heidi Klum would not be returning for the show’s upcoming 15th season.

Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough

If there is anything in this world that has the power to divide all races, it is the mass media giving close attention to another race been discriminated against. There is no day we don’t witness this kind of events, and if you follow closely, you will see that when they happen, it has massive coverage throughout the media, followed by countless amount of celebrities wading in to be part of the drama.

I wanna pick out one topic out of all every racial accusations leveled against America’s Got Talent. It was reported that Gabrielle Union’s hairstyles were deemed too black for the show. So from everything that they were able to pick on they chose her rotating hairstyle? Isn’t that funny a topic to pick out? Why would someone’s hair be too black to be part of a problem? Does that make any sense to judge one’s hair as a reason for her not being qualified enough to be on the judge of America’s Got Talent? They also claimed that Jay Leno made an anti-Korean slur during his guest appearance on the show back in April. Did anyone of you watch that joke they allegedly claimed he made?

Do you know that this Hollywood character called Gabrielle Union is always on a different non-black hairstyle anytime she takes photos for the paparazzi? I have seen pictures of her on so many occasions wearing a wig, one that has nothing to do with black women. She changes hairstyle every day and it’s always long and sometimes blond. She always wears a hairstyle known to be familiar with white women. Why is it that as soon as she joined America’s Got Talent, her hairstyle changed to the so-called black women hairstyle. All of a sudden it then turns to a racial issue that has sparked media outrage all over America.

Gabrielle Union going blonde
Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union on her instagram page

Guess who got involved in this agenda now? Women’s advocacy group Times Up magazine, have joined the list of groups who have come out to speak for Gabrielle Union. Times Up magazine is an equity organization formed in the wake of the #MeToo movement has lent its support to her. In a Tweet, the campaign said: “Thank you #itsgabrielleu for speaking up for what’s right.” So now it shifted from race problems to feminist joining in this issue. Twitter, the platform for propaganda, has been lighted up with so many celebrities, mostly females coming up in support for Gabrielle Union. Wait for a second, are these people not aware that this same Mrs. Union also puts on wig used mainly by white women?

Gabrielle Union

When the powers that be want to play their agenda, they use every possible resource within their reach. Part of these resources is Hollywood characters who they sponsor on set. Apart from every other event been used to create panic in America, Gabrielle Union ouster from America’s Got Talent is a hoax. It is scripted and staged to create discord and anger among us. Disunity will never be part of my motto. I think that we are stronger when we are united and if we keep accepting these scripted events, it will only divide us. They don’t put anything positive about blacks or whites on the mainstream media. These characters like Gabrielle Union and the rest are puppets used to do their agenda of divide and conquer. Somethings don’t make any sense, and if you believe for once that this event was real, then you are part of the sleeping sheep. As always, it’s my opinion.

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