Race War Agenda: Calling police on black people in America is stage-managed

First, it was BBQ Becky; then there came permit patty, cornerstone Caroline, pool patrol Paula and the drama goes on. Something is interesting about this; the video clips of these incidents are entirely accurate. Whoever films these incidents are always on time from the beginning to the end. It’s not one, but as we speak, this racial discriminating video keeps resurfacing on so many occasions.

If you follow wisely, you will notice this racial profiling occurrence in America and the media always play a big part in igniting the fires of hate. This also has helped in fueling division among different races in America. You begin to wonder how these individuals who call the cops on black people never learn from past similar events. If they are aware it will bring them national embarrassment, then why do they keep repeating them every time. It’s like they are programmed to repeat one incident after another.

The news media are the biggest propaganda platform any organization or government can use to carry out its plan. The powers that be, the rulers of America, have been using this same agenda of divide and rule concept to disunite people of all races. They know that if all races are united, it will dent their hopes of controlling the minds of the masses and also achieving the new world order plan. So they stage events in conjunction with the police and other security agents to promote this staged event. They have actors who partake in this play. The racist white person, the black or person of colour who is supposedly the one who is discriminated against. Then there is the police who happen to play the part of taking sides with the white person. We also have the cameraman, which is always the black person. If you notice, the recordings always seem to capture the entire event. If you are the one who has been discriminated against, would your phone be the first thing on your mind to reach out on? When someone racially profiles you, you would be too angry to even think of bringing out your phone for recording. Why is it that they seem to record everything that happens that quickly. The news media who then perfect the plan are quick to air it during news coverage. These videos are seen by millions of black people, who are the targets. The actors involved with this staged event play the part so well that it triggers the emotion of minority viewers. They do this to create further hatred for every white person you meet or know. In a few days, why is it that the white racist person always ends up apologizing on the news or on social media.

The masses find the news media as part of their most trusted source of information, and it has created so much mass hysteria and disharmony among them. The powers who control America derive so much joy in causing division among people of different races. I pointed out in my previous articles how they aim to create a race war between black and whites. That is why these events are well planned using their tools called the media. BBQ Becky and the rest are just actors who they use to create hatred in the hearts of black people. Later on, we always hear that they are fired from their jobs, why is that you never hear from them again after this incident? They have simply been paid well enough never to be seen. They just don’t use whites alone for this play, they use all races to perfect their agenda. When people of different ethnic backgrounds are divided, it causes panic and disharmony in society. The people who end up losing are all human races, for there is always one winner, which is the powers that be. Don’t forget that they are the ones who created racism through laws that were meant to profit one race over the other. Jim crow laws has passed away, The new divide and conquer rule is in the form of this staged events in conjunction with the mass media to perfect the race war plan . As always, It’s my opinion

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