Revealed: The secret behind Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Twitter, and Apple

The US immigration introduced a new visa rule which requires applicants to share their social media information for up to five years before applying for any visa to America. For users who they could not spy on, they require the real names from those who use fake names on their Facebook account. Let’s get more into this.

The internet has so much importance; the purpose they sell to us is that it is a source of an infinite amount of information. But the real use of the internet is to spy on the masses; for this reason, the internet has enabled Government-backed security agencies a more comfortable gateway to spy on the public’s personal activities so that they can control what you do, see, and what you should think.

The unbelievable truth

The American government invented social media platforms that could play a part in controlling their citizens. They are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They also created other miscellaneous services like Uber, apple, Microsoft, and they funded Samsung. There are still other services, but we will get into that later. They know very well that if the public were aware of their ownership of these social media platforms, people would not use them. They appointed puppets who will disguise as the founder of this services. This Figureheads are Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, now Instagram), Kevin systrom and Mike Krieger (then Instagram), Jack Dorsey ( Twitter), Travis Kalanick ( Uber), Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates ( Microsoft). The government uses this figurehead to stand in for the owners of their pet project for the aim of diverting the public attention away from their ownership. They have been selling us fake biography about these figureheads, some of which have become part of our history.


Facebook came into the public eye in 2004, but it became publicly relevant in 2007. If you notice back then when it started, they had a starting page that always says, “what’s in your mind,” that sentence was meant to find out the people’s thoughts. Facebook was created to spy on the masses’ current activities, daily thoughts and, most importantly, monitor people who were against the government agenda. Remember Facebook jail? Why do they ban users immediately one writes something that the government opposes? They use Facebook to check the masses’ opinions on government policies and to blacklist those who are against it. Another reason is they use it to create division by promoting these videos of discrimination going on in America using third-party news pages. They monitor your comments to confirm if the division between us is working. Please keep in mind, part of their agenda is to divide and rule the masses.


Instagram is a photo-video sharing platform; every photo and video you share is in the government secret database. The government uses Instagram to divert the attention of the youths away from their bad governance, which means that instead of one being critical of the government’s rule, your mind is elsewhere. Instagram appeals to the emotions of its users in the sense that if your followers don’t like or view your new content, it makes some people feel mentally insecure. It primarily creates emotional insecurity, and it diverts the attention of the youth who should be monitoring government governance. They also spy on your location; that is why they ask your permission to access your area, and we end up displaying it public. Instagram is another part of the government’s psychological operation project.


Twitter came into relevance in 2006. The government uses Twitter to publicize politicians and celebrities’ rants. Remember, the government benefits from divide and rule policies; the masses begin to follow their leaders or role models on Twitter who are also working with the government. The role models’ opinion becomes the opinion of his/her followers. Twitter is simply a government project meant for attack and rants. Politicians use it to create a media war against political foes, while celebrities use it to divert the attention away from the government misrule.


Uber is another secret U.S. government project used in tracking down your every movement from A to Z. People fill in their addresses, not knowing that it goes directly to the government. This service already has the masse’s whereabouts worldwide. They want to know your arrival and departure time, your location to and fro. They keep this data secured to have their eyes on every citizen, especially those who don’t favour their agenda.


Apple came at around 1976; then, the aim was to track down the masses’ location. But with the introduction of iPhones, it began with pins, passwords and then fingerprints. These fingerprints you use on iPhones are stored at the FBI and CIA database, they keep these fingerprints merely to follow up on the masses’ activities easily. The government then created face recognition on iPhones to have everyone’s facial I.D. in their system, which will match their already got fingerprint; they want to store your facial structure for easy identification. As we speak, millions of users of the iPhone already have their facial I.D. stored in the government database. Why do you think they know your location the moment you revolt against the government?


As technology platforms increase, so does the government’s plans of spying on its citizens to become stronger. They have all your data stored from location, fingerprint, facial ID, your opinion and even your banking details (this I shall discuss later). The more you use these government-owned pet projects, the more information they obtain from you. I can’t deny the importance it plays in our society, but credible information is power and the more knowledge we have, the less powerful they become. Ignore those “on paper” owners of these social media services. They are simply agents used by the government to act as figureheads. They were not known before to the masses; it was only when these social media platforms became more popular, that’s when their names started resurfacing. Be aware of your government’s sinister plans; unfortunately, they have hijacked your right to privacy. You wonder why the U.S. senate invited Mark Zuckerberg to come and testify why 50 million users’ data was misused. That event at the legislature was staged and meant to fool the masses about the government’s non-involvement in spying. You wonder why Facebook is in control of Instagram and now WhatsApp? The interference has gone to another level; they are trying to monitor your chats this time. As always, it’s my opinion.

Photo by Piotr Cichosz on Unsplash


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