#ENDSARS: Nigerians should aim for the Head instead of the Tail

If you want to kill the body, you begin with the head because the head is the body’s engine, for, without it, a human will remain in a comatose state. It is important to understand that when the head becomes faulty, the entire body becomes less productive. Nigeria, a country blessed with massive human and natural resources, is an excellent example of a corrupt head with no physical direction.

The recent protest aimed at curbing police brutality in Nigeria is a welcome development. We are beginning to witness an era where the Nigerian youths are far from lazy, but they are now well-equipped to rise against tyranny when push comes to shove. As much as I give them the top accolades for coming out in numbers to voice their concerns, we are going in circles with this protest. It may solve one issue and leave out the most critical point. The entire Nigerian system stinks of rot.

Nigeria is a country built for failure. The entire system is rotten to the core, and it all boils down to mismanagement by people who are unqualified and have no business leading the helms of affairs. Let’s dissect the current #Endsars Protest; if the government ends up disbanding SARS or SWAT, how will that help solve corruption in the police sector? The budget meant to manage the Nigerian police system is not enough to address local government policing. Unfortunately, the welfare of most police officers is in a deplorable state. Why do you think that most police officers in Nigeria engage in bribery? It is because they are underfunded. The system that is supposed to provide for their well-being has led them to solicit bribes from innocent Nigerians. Most SARS officers rely on what they can illegally collect from young Nigerians, and the lure of internet fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo Boys is an offer that they can’t resist.

Take a look at Nigeria as a case study. Damn near every sector is corruption personified. Nepotism and Favouritism seem to be an order in Nigeria. Many elected officials in government are morally not qualified to lead. They are only selected due to either Favouritism from their godfather or nepotism due to ethnic jingoism. From the moment you land at any Nigerian Airport port of entry, the rot becomes visible from the dilapidated infrastructures to the law officers’ unethical misconduct. The country needs a painful surgery of the head for the entire body to function.

The protest is a welcome development, for it shows a sign of optimism for the future. Still, I fear that the current rally has been organized and hijacked by certain powers that control everything outside in Nigeria and outside its shores. Foreign Powers sponsored the protest while the Nigerian Government will seize it with the forceful use of thugs. I am sorry, but it will not work. It will turn bloody in the coming weeks, and once again, the poor man will take the heat. Ending SARS or SWAT will not solve the many problems Nigeria created. The only way the police can function effectively is by reforming the entire police system to make policing in Nigeria become attractive to all. Becoming a Police officer in Nigeria is more of a financial constraint than economic empowerment.

Nigeria needs a massive genuine revolution devoid of foreign intervention that will tackle the spate of corruption that has placed us as the world’s capital of poverty. The Nigerian Youths need to send home every recycled politician, both current and past, who has failed terribly in power. Keep this in mind, Buhari was the president of Nigeria in 1983, and Atiku was the customs officer in charge of Murtala Muhammed Airport; he left the customs 32 years ago. Nigeria has a damaged head that requires critical surgery for as long as it remains lethargic; it will always remain unproductive. As Always, it’s my opinion.


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