5 Elements that make a Good Article

1. Engaging Headline 

If you find yourself in a situation where you are mandated to give a presentation to some investors, something like a brief five-minute presentation about a business plan, let’s say on behalf of your company. How would you prepare for it? I assume your first goal will be to give an interesting title to your business plan, so that investors will get a sense of what they should expect. This is similar to how an article headline is to the reader. An article’s headline provides viewers with a glimpse into your story.

Headlines help to draw the reader’s attention to your article. A good headline should be persuasive and catchy. It needs to make us want to read the entire article.

To make your headlines stand out, make sure it addresses three key issues.

  • A headline must be creative enough to catch an audience’s attention, for example, writing an article with a headline that solves a reader’s problem.
  • A headline should be short, precise, and free from jargon.
  • There must be a direct link between a headline and the introduction, body and the conclusion of an article.

Note that a headline is the foundation of your article and when it is eye-catching, it gives your readers an idea of your story before they even read it.

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2. Convincing Lead

A Convincing lead can get the reader's attention, as portrayed in this picture.

Those who write for news or newspapers will tell you that in news reporting, a lead has to gather important points from the story of news. Make no mistake, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to writing blogs or articles. When writing an article, the first paragraph, which is the lead, is very critical. A good lead should make readers want to read the second paragraph. This is important because you want to draw their attention to the entire article. Once you get a perfect lead, you need to make sure there’s a good build-up so that readers will want to know more about the information. They will enjoy it once they understand the ideas.

3. The Body of the article must be enlightening 

The Body of an article is the heart beat of the story as described in this image

Honestly, the body of an article is the heartbeat of an article. It may include anything from news or insightful observations that will revolutionize the reader’s knowledge of affairs. The body of an article should contain your message, and it should be enticing with a sufficient number of added keywords in it. I learned that keyword use and density are far less important to Google today. Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to make sense of what we write. For this reason, most articles are correctly indexed for searching. As a result, once we have explained the topic, Google will understand.

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4. Excellent Graphics

The Graphics displayed in an article gives it an attractive taste.

Graphics are significant in blog posts because they help to explain points and break up text within the body of the article. This makes blog pages more visually attractive. Keep in mind that Google measures the time spent on each page. As a result, graphics, typography and colors should work together to encourage visitors to stay on the page. The addition of graphics to your article is visually appealing, particularly when we promote it on social media.

5. Call-To-action

A call-to-action gives readers an idea of what to do after reading your article as described in tis image.

This should be seen as an important part of your article because every article is written to generate clicks that will lead to a call to action. The biggest question for every writer is that why do you write a blog post, and what do you intend to achieve with it? As a writer, you need to have a clear sense of what you plan to achieve with your blog post.  This can be referred to as a call-to-action. A call to action lets you set the actions you want your visitors to take during and after reading your article. There are writers who may just want their call to action to be restricted to readers’ comments only. Others may want their call to action to target only the readership. In earnest, the majority of writers want their articles to convert readers into buyers, so that they can buy the products and services they or the company they work for offer’s. Depending on the results you are looking for with your articles, having a call-to-action enables you to define your objective when writing an article.

I am Richard Inegbedion Jr. and, as always, it’s my opinion.

Photo Credit: Markus Winkler, Super Snapper, Kenny Eliason , Milad Fakurian , Brett Jordan, Piero Nigro on Unsplash


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