5 Reasons why Viber for Business is good for Marketing

So many companies that wish to increase customer engagement and boost sales focus on places where people spend a large part of their time, and these places are instant messaging apps. One of the fastest-growing instant messaging application is Viber. With a broad customer base of over one billion unique users in 193 countries, Viber connects users freely and safely around the world. Although it is known to be a great platform meant for socializing with friends and families, Viber is also proving to be a major marketing platform for businesses thanks to its flagship feature called Viber for businesses. When it comes to advertising and having a conversational message to your customers, Viber for business allows you to communicate directly in bulk or one-on-one to your new and existing customers, worldwide.

With that in mind, here are five reasons why Viber for business is good for your mobile marketing:

1. Viber for business gives you good value for your money

Whether you recently opened your business or working on a thin budget, Viber for businesses can just be the right advertising platform for you. It can be used to carry out your marketing activities because it’s a lot cheaper and has more profitable features. Let me be more practical. Nowadays, SMS will cost you money, but the Internet is free. In addition, with SMS, you are restricted to the amount of content you can send to customers. You can’t even send graphic content or images to your clients by text message. This is where Viber for business can step in. Viber for business will save you money because you’ll be able to input more text and graphic content to make sure your customers have a clear idea about your message. Also, With Viber’s time-to-live, businesses don’t need to pay for a message that doesn’t hit a user in a limited time. As a result of this functionality, brands can save money by delivering time sensitive messages, which is the maximum time frame by delivering a message before it is cancelled or redirected to another channel.

Creating a Viber Business Account is completely free of charge and there is no limit on messages or contacts. All you have to do is to create a Viber business account. Companies who want to enjoy the benefits of Viber for business one on one interactive message can try out a 3-month free conversational Viber business trial during a special promotional period. The trial is available for any new or existing Business Messaging account.

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2. It has gained enormous popularity as a result of its massive users

Today Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with major brands using it as their preferred marketing channel. Viber is the most rapidly growing and has popularity in countries like Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovakia, Cyprus and Albania. They have more downloads this year than their competitors. According to Statista, the number of unique user IDs from June 2011 to March 2020 has risen from 11 million to 1.17 billion, that’s more than a hundred times. If you compare these statistics to other instant messaging apps, Viber has really achieved impressive growth. In 2021, Viber pulled out these amazing stats:

  • An average Viber user launches the app at least 12 times a day

  • At least 7 million chats take place every minute on Viber, making it the perfect platform for marketing.

  • 260 million monthly active users

3. It’s Safe and Secure

With end-to-end encryption in place, Viber cannot read or access your conversations with your customers. For clarity, neither Viber nor any third party can use the data you share with customers in any way, even if it’s targeted ads. Every Business Message reaches the recipient as an encrypted code. Not only is your communication protected by default encryption, but when delivered, nothing you share is stored on Viber’s servers. Even if your customer’s phones are turned off or, in most cases, not connected to the Internet, Viber for business will store your messages patiently on their servers for a limited period of time.

4. Viber for business offers an option for SMS

In case some of your customers do not have the Viber app installed, or they do not have Internet access, they can still receive messages thanks to Viber fallback to SMS. This feature uses SMS as a backup option by sending a message via SMS if delivery to the Viber application has failed. With Viber fallback to SMS, your customers can still receive important notifications such as OTPs and SMS-based financial transactions.

5. Viber for Business offers Integration Messaging Options

Viber for business offers two integration options to meet the requirements of different companies. These options are Business Messaging and Chatbot.

As I mentioned earlier, Viber Business Messaging uses text, files and images to start conversations and help you connect more closely with your clients and prospects.

Viber Chatbot with the addition of a personalized user keyboard will help your company expand its reach and extend the conversation to new and existing customers. This will help you turn your new customers into paying clients with the help of its user-friendly automated feature.

Viber for Business is an excellent mobile marketing channel for companies to market their goods and services to their current and prospective customers.

Credit: Viber for Business, Statista,

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