An Open Letter to Health Care Institutions Worldwide

I think you might want to explore the possibility of writing a blog post on male depression. The biggest issue and stigmatization in the world is that when a man is mentally ill, he’s afraid to talk out of fear of shame.

The world expects men to solve their problems independently, and sadly, our world has become more focused on gender equality, which is solely concentrated on the rehabilitation of women. I appreciate the need to emphasize women as an endangered species. Still, it will also balance the scale of nature if we deal with issues pertaining to men falling into depression.

There are thousands of men who take their own lives due to depression. A lot of males spend more time indoors due to the pandemic, and an idle troubled mind can become the devil’s workshop. We must take swift action before our grandfathers, fathers, brothers, nephews, and uncles become the next victims.

As a life-saving medical organization, I urge you to spend one day a week talking more about how men can manage depression. It will do so much good to so many men if you can help them with perceptive articles that will touch the wave of mental illness.

They need our help because right now, there’s a mental war out there, and it’s taking more lives than we can imagine. As Always, it’s my opinion.

Photo by whoislimos on Unsplash

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