The true meaning of a Friend

The reason I chose to write this article is to try to explain the real meaning of a friend. It’s unfortunate that to this very day, there are people who do not know the difference between a friend, an acquaintance and a stranger. Let me clarify the meaning of these three words. A friend can be described as a person with whom one has a relationship of mutual affection, generally an exclusivity of sexual or family relations. In other words, a friend can be summarized as that person who always has your best interest in every situation you encounter. On the other hand, an acquaintance is someone that you know slightly but is not a close friend. Finally, a stranger may be described as someone with whom you have no formal knowledge or with whom you have no acquaintance.

If you look at the meaning of a friend, an acquaintance and a stranger, you will realize that they do not have anything in common. A friend is someone you know well, an acquaintance is someone you know lightly, and a stranger is someone you know nothing about. The mistake a lot of people make is to immediately classify a person you just met as a friend, even when you barely knew them or felt their impact. Another mistake that some people make is calling your job, gym, church or business partner a friend knowing fully well that In our world today, people abuse the privileges that come with friendship.

A friend is a person that is mentally, emotionally and physically there for you. A friend is like a brother or sister, in the sense that they know all about you, from the time you are sad or happy. If the person who you currently refer to as a friend does not share your ambitions or have your interest at heart, do not refer to him or her as a friend. These are acquaintances and strangers. If you confuse anyone as a friend, don’t be surprised when they don’t come when you need them. Learn how to rank individuals in your circle so you know where to turn when you need help or a shoulder to lean on.

Remember that the guy who calls you only when he needs help is not your friend but an acquaintance due to the mutual benefit that he intends to gain from you. What about the woman you only come across at events. She’s not your friend, but a stranger because you don’t know anything about her except seeing her at events. If you know anyone in particular, who is used to contacting you at least once or twice a week, wondering about your well-being, it is your friend.

Do not fall into the trap of confusing a friend for an acquaintance or a stranger because they have no relation to each other. When you create a circle outside your family, be sure to define the people in your life, so that you don’t end up being disappointed when they abandon you during hard times. In reality, some people aren’t your friends. Take this statement into consideration. As Always, it’s my opinion.

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