Black Lives Matter: Just another Race War Agenda Movement

The mainstream media have never supported black people since the segregation era. When it comes to the destruction of the black man image, the white-owned media are the biggest perpetrators.

I never thought I would see the day the mainstream media will be at the forefront of the war against racism and discrimination when they are the ones who made other races view black people as unintelligent dangerous inferior humans. I was watching the English Premier League and noticed every football club had black lives matter printed on the back of their jerseys. They equally knelt in support of the movement. But wait a minute, is this, not the same mainstream media that was against Colin Kaepernick for doing the same kneel in solidarity for black people who are victims of police brutality. Why has the media decided to support a war they triggered?

The mainstream media is a crucial player to the American government divide and conquer agenda. For them to put the spotlight on a topic, it means the elites who operate the government are about to benefit from it.

The biggest problem with black people is that they continuously look for a black superhero who will save them. Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump and the rest are still on the media whenever there is a race issue. Ever wondered why they gave us Malcolm X (the violent one) and Martin Luther King jr (the peaceful one), whichever side you decide to pick, both of them died for nothing. Try following in their footsteps; you likely will end up dead or in jail.

The mainstream media will never support the emancipation of black people. The government uses the Black Lives Matter movement to divide all races. By supporting black lives matter, they are disuniting black and white people. If you think the media is pro-black, then why do they service racism on TV? Black people are stereotyped in movies and music videos. Why did they not champion a cause to annul the destruction of black people’s image on TV? The same media has been portraying Africa as a poverty infested continent with uncivilized characters. People only learn negative things about black people through mainstream media. Donald Trump has a reputation for making racist remarks, and If they were really against racism, why didn’t they censor or ignore his utterances? Those remarks caused anger in the black community worldwide.
Now we have black lives movement taking centre stage on the media, and as usual black people are buying into it all because we always crave a superman type hero to save us.

The Black Lives Matter movement can not end the war on racism; if not, it has made other races hate black people because they also believe all lives matter. It is wrong to put a campaign for black lives matter when we all know that black people never meant anything to them. If you want to see the height of hate speech, then head over to the comments on online news and sports medium on black lives matter, and you will be appalled. So how has this agenda solved the underlying issue?

Remember black panthers party movement in the 60s? The American government took down every one of its members because they were a constant threat to their survival. Why are they not giving the same treatment to the Black Lives Matter movement, or are they not also pro-black? And please don’t come up with the black panther’s movement were violent, the same media who you think are supporting black people now are the same ones who demonized the black panther movement back then.

The mainstream put a little spotlight on racism in China towards Africans; no one came out to protest. Now there is protest all over the world because of the scripted extrajudicial killing of George Floyd AKA Steven Jackson. Was this supposed to promote a division between Africans and African Americans since the issue in China had less coverage? Don’t you think this was arranged in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic to give more relevance to the Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter movement? How come thousands of demonstrators did not get the so-called Covid-19 virus. Let me leave this matter for another day.

They are creating a race war between black and white people because when we stand divided, the sole winners are the white-owned superpower governments. Some black people are also part of the problems. Take a look at Africa? Since independence, there is abject poverty and underdevelopment. That is because every African president is a puppet to their colonial countries. If white people who own the corporate business landscape are known for helping their own, then what stops black billionaires from improving the lives of black people both financially and economically.

The Black Lives Matter movement is an American government divide and conquers scheme. If they were for the advancement of black people, why wouldn’t they campaign for reparation for the descendants of slaves in America? As long as I am concerned, every country that participated in slavery owes the descendants of the slaves they used in improving their land a significant reparation. As always, it’s my opinion.


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