What To Consider As We Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

So many people are not aware that May is Mental Health Awareness Month, bringing to the forefront the need to take good care of our mental state of mind. People who suffer from Mental health or mental illness face societal stigmatization, which makes it hard for them to open up to their friends and family. Because of the overwhelming consequences of COVID-19, this May is different in so many ways. Due to the safety measures put in place by the government, most people work from home, which has made mental health sufferers and their healthcare needs to require more attention now than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created severe restrictions on social and economic activities, especially in Kenya. We face a situation where we have to think outside the box when it comes to having any connection with the outside world. While it is sad to see the world as a whole thrown into an unknown territory, luckily, we do have quite a few resources that past generations would not have had if they were in these same circumstances.

What to know about mental health awareness month

Mental Health Awareness Month is held every year in May to assist those who are vulnerable to mental sickness and decrease the surrounding stigma. Millions of people barely live through each day, trying to cope with the demands of mental illness. Building awareness is the primary step to helping each of them get the help, assistance and care they may need.

There are countless key procedures for supporting the mental health community, although they may seem like small steps, when properly adhered to, they can make a significant impact.

To show solidarity to the victims of mental health, here are some few tips on how you can support them:

  • If you find anyone struggling, try and understand by listening to them. It is essential to realize that not everyone can function at an optimum level.
  • Allow them to disclose the situation at their own pace.
  • You don’t need to pass judgment or offer advice, be there for them.
  • Nobody is above life difficulties, we all experience mental health in different situations at any given place or time, and that’s OK.
  • If you are capable, endeavour to check back in and offer to connect them with help if necessary.

6 Safety tips for working remotely

Eat Right and on time

If you were in office, your lunch break time is sacrosanct, and the reason we observe them is to make sure we are fully energized for the task ahead. Make sure you include time for meals and short breaks as you work from home.

Make sure your sleeping schedule is constant

Working from home should not resort to staying in bed all day. Stick to the same work office ethics you followed when you were in office.

Zoom calls aren’t meant only for work-related issues

You don’t have to restrict your Zoom calls to work, why not host a quiz or games with your family and friends via video conference calls. I’m just saying.

Why don’t you enjoy Nature?

Do you know that just taking in the sun or enjoying a breeze can help you feel less isolated? Other activities like yoga in your yard (for those into yoga) or just sitting on the balcony for a few minutes each day could kill those negative energies and help lift your spirit high.

Make a Separate Workspace at home

Not everyone can do this, but it can be beneficial to create a specific workspace at home. By doing this, you can balance your work and home life at the end of the day.

Try to Stay Healthy

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on our physical health, but we must not forget our mental health too. If you need someone to talk to, reach out to a friend, or consider medical options.

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