Dear Beautiful Woman, Your Age Is Just A Number

When she reaches a certain age, she begins nervously feeling that her expectations might need to be lowered. She naively thinks her raw beauty has faded, and as such, she has reluctantly agreed to settle for whatever comes her way. She reminisces about the good old days when she was young and vibrant for if only she could take back the hands of time. Dear beautiful woman, if you believe you fit in this category, I have just the right message for you.

The mind never grows old, it’s just the thought of old age that translates to how one behaves. When your mindset has been defeated, it becomes the fastest way to come to a stand still. I refer to women who harbor a belief that when they have approached a certain age they feel that their self-acclaimed standard might need to be lowered for them to find true love. Some women even look down upon their beauty to the point that they will accept any man who comes their way.This personal crisis can happen to any women in their late 30’s. I begin to wonder, in a world with billions of available men, are there not men who would love a woman in her 30’s? Why do you have to conform to societal beliefs?This is how society today wants you to erroneously think and it leads no one to true happiness. This negative kind of reasoning has led women into the arms of too many wrong men. Some men who come your way begin to realize that she’s at the age for the taking and then she becomes a tool for his excitement. You have inevitably become an easy target for men because of the personal insecurity you have developed.These men use you at their will because they know you have no other option but them. Please hear me out, the earlier you forget about what society demands from you the earlier your emancipation. It is important to understand that you owe the community no explanations as to how you live your life. They don’t put food on your table, so why worry about what they think? I say this to you that old age is just a state of mind, and the moment you realize this, the better for you.The same beauty you once had in your younger years is still evident in your present appearance.Don’t ever lower your standard for anyone. Make sure to dress nicely as you once did, and when you walk out that door, carry the mindset of a gorgeous matured woman.Maturity comes before any attribute and this is what’s severely lacking in this modern-day generation.The critical moment you begin to defy the odds; by showing the world how beautiful and healthy you are, the better you will see that you were born to conquer. You deserve the best and not to settle with a sore loser who intends on using you for his own benefit. There are still men who love a woman your age, they exist regardless and you can attract them by working on your mindset which believes in your self-worth. I want to dispel the myths that men are inextricably connected by the same thoughts, they do not all think the same.This is why I believe that some handsome matured man is searching for your type. Do not lower your standard, stick to your principles for it will guide you to him. There’s no personal gain in getting married to the wrong man; some have desperately tried it and failed woefully. Take your time in finding him. He’s waiting and may only be steps away from you. As always, it’s my opinion.

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