Dear Beautiful Woman, Your Age Is Just A Number

Once a woman reaches a certain age, she begins to think that her expectations may need to be reduced. For most of them, they naively think that their beauty has faded, and as such, they settle for whatever happens to them. Older women remember the good old days when they were young, and some wish that they could return to the past and revive this passion. If you are that sort of woman who feels old to love and to be loved, I have just the right message for you.

The mind never grows old, it’s just the thought of being old that translates to how you behave. Defeat begins from the state of mind. I am speaking of women who believe that when they approach a certain age, they have no hope of being loved. Some women even despise their beauty so much as to accept any man who comes to them.

This personal crisis can happen to any woman from the age of 37. There are so many men who desire older women. Why must we comply with society’s convictions? This is how society today wants you to think wrongly, and it does not lead anyone to happiness. Such a negative thought has driven women into the arms of the wrong man. These men will easily aim at you when they see that you have lowered your standard and that you can be content with less. Such men will easily target you when they see that you have lowered your standard and can settle for anything less.

Our society wants you to think that because of your age, you cannot get your dream man, but this is not the truth. Societal beliefs are only the minds of the majority, and they are irrelevant. The sooner you forget what society expects of you, the sooner you are emancipated. It’s important to understand that you don’t have to explain to society how you live your life. They don’t bring anything to your table, so why bother with what they think?
God alone can decide your fate. As long as you have life within you, you are always beautiful and there will always be one man specifically made for you. Old age is only a mindset, and as soon as you realize it, it’s better for you. The same beauty you had in your early years is still evident in your current appearance. Never let your standard down for anybody. Make sure you dress well as you once did, and when you walk out that door, wear the state of mind of a gorgeous mature woman.

Maturity can save relationships. It takes precedence over all attributes, and that is what is sorely lacking in this modern generation. When you show the world that you are beautiful and confident, you can capture your dream. Confidence attracts quality. You deserve the best and don’t settle with a bad loser who’s intent on using you for his benefit. There are still men that love a woman of your age, and you can only attract them by working on your mentality. For the record, all men do not think the same. One man’s steak is another man’s ham. This is why I believe every man will hold a different opinion of you. 

You can still find your dream man at your age. This can only happen if you adhere to your principles and never lower your standard. When you allow insecurity to overcloud your judgment, you will end up with the wrong man. There is no personal gain in finding the wrong man; some women have attempted and failed miserably. Take as long as you can to find him. He may not be far away from you. As always, it’s my opinion.

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash


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