The reason you must get used to being hated by people who don’t know you

I am a deep thinker, and when I try to expand my inner thoughts progressively for the sole purpose of arriving at a rational conclusion, I can’t seem to agree to the outcome. I want to make you understand where I am coming at, how can someone hate another person without getting to know them, it just does not make any moral sense. The society we live in today has made this belief a social reality; it is now a norm for one to be disliked for many reasons, and if you ever get to encounter this kind of people, watch out for their point of view is as clueless as their state of mind. I want to get one point clear for all who are following this article.

Hate is more human-like, for we are involved in nature and to be honest, I have also been convicted of this. I used to judge people based on their looks, religion, status and ethnicity; it got so damaging that I literally selected my friends based on my biased taste. Next, I had a deep soul-searching and came to the conclusion that it is unacceptable to dwell on that kind of reasoning, and hence, I instantly decided to change my mode of thinking, not knowing that someday it would happen to me.

For those who don’t know, I am a black man. I have been profiled in all sorts of ways, like the colour of my skin, nationality, social status, religion, and it did hurt me. There are times that I did not even need to introduce myself for people to conclude I am a threat to their existence, sadly I encountered more stereotypes and prejudice from people who look like me in especially Africa. I realized that most people hate outright because they feel you are a threat to their survival, or you remind them of whom they wanted to be. This draws my memory to the countless number of black people who have lost their lives due to hatred from other races.

The world has turned out to be a wretched place to live in, no one is born with fierce hatred in their hearts, it can either be thought, or it can be acquired from experience. Hate is a cycle that revolves around us, it is like a disease that spreads like wildfire, and the most pathetic part is that it is complicated to end. Under no circumstances must you try pleasing anyone; you cant stop the prejudice that lives in the mind of others, do not alter your distinct personalities to suit the society; alternatively, the community should adjust to your personality.

I know how hard it is to see people giving you a negative image even before they know you, but as I said, you can’t satisfy the entire world; neither can you influence their perception. My advice is you have no control over what you have become, where you originate from, or how you look. If they detest you for these reasons, then let them wallow in their hate; as long as it does not deny you the air in your lungs, then you maintain no obligation to worry about what others think about you. Believe in me, it never ends peacefully for people who harbour hatred and wickedness in their hearts, they inevitably end up lonely and miserable. As always, it’s my opinion.

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