Raising your children correctly will make them help you fight your battle

I consistently possess this belief that when a child is born, he or she comes with a purpose. Children are exceptional in a way that they secure peace, joy and happiness in the hearts of their parents. The social issue with having kids is that sometimes they naturally come in a tricky period, especially when the notable people involved are ill-prepared. When I say ill-prepared, I am discussing financial matters or even family instability occurring at the same time. I will explain why children can remain an asset to any parent, depending on how they are elevated.

The rate of unmarried mothers is at an all-time high, this can be attributed to either poor decision-making on the part of the woman, wrong selection criteria, or just been unfortunate. I recall some single working-class women who prefer to have children without been involved with any man maritally, but it’s a choice they hold on to, and they see that as a better preference. Some women get to the point of understandable frustration that they end up committing abortions because they might feel that a child may hinder their life progress at that particular stage. Meanwhile, some hold the belief that for them to be able to welcome a child to this world, it must be well-structured and prepared, meaning that everything needs to be set at the right place and the right time. Some people prefer carefully planning, to be honest, the burden of raising a child takes a lot out of an unmarried mother or a Married couple, and this is why some prefer to plan in earnest.

The critical topic we dearly need to focus on is what happens when you unanimously decide to keep that dear child? Would you dedicate your life to that child’s upbringing or hand over the responsibility of that child to your parents as some habitually do? Either option one may carefully choose, that child still needs a proper education. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, I require you to read this with ease, never entertain the idea of getting rid of your child for that idea is evil and must be jettisoned. Typically taking a more proper look at the beginning, carefully raising them could be stressful, but have you ever thought of the foreseeable future? Under no circumstances must a child ever be made to instantly feel that they are a mistake at this critical age since they aren’t even aware of your situation, how can they control it? Genuinely think about this; if they are steered correctly, then they could become a significant asset to the parent in the future.


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