The Scramble For Africa: Broke Britain Is Leaning Towards Africa For Assistance

I will be very direct here because unfortunately these African leaders have taken their buffoonery to another level. I made mention in my previous articles of how a puppet has no direction than that of its marionette. We are witnessing the case of the 21 insane African leaders who went to attend the United Kingdom – Africa submit. I wonder, can Africa not do without the presence of these pale-skinned countries? What is going on here and why all these useless meetings between the marionette and his puppets?

I want to place this question to my esteemed readers, if you know the situation surrounding Africa then I ask, “Of what importance is the United Kingdom to Africa? This week, 21 African leaders are attending the United Kingdom – Africa summit and I read that the theme of this submit will be Britain strengthening its ties with Africa due to their exit from the European Union. If this summit is supposed to improve relations with Africa, who holds the benefit, and is it the towards the common African man on the streets? I ask this question because as a scholar of African history, I know that the African people have never benefited from the United Kingdom since the end of colonization. What are African leaders doing at this submit? Now Britain is trying to get Egypt involved, which tells you that they are desperate and on the verge of being broke. What resources does the United Kingdom have? Is it not funny to point out that America who the British once colonized, have overtaken them as the world power. Britain takes orders from its former colony America so then why not the same for Africa? If America can wield control over their colonial masters, then why not Africa? What they don’t tell you is that the real aim of this summit is to get all Britain’s puppets to come together and reaffirm their support for their slave master. Do you know how many colonial British companies are operating in Africa as we speak? Some of these companies conducted deals during independence and are still present in all former British territories. How will this summit end up putting food on the table for the average African man? It’s just business as usual for the white man. I mentioned in my previous articles how Britain never left Africa but instead placed puppets in power to run the show for them. This United Kingdom – Africa summit is not for the good of the African people but for the United Kingdom’s sinister agenda to add more companies to operate in Africa, thus giving them a better financial option after their exit from the E.U. So Africa is the big cake now, and the puppets in power need to fulfill their post-independence mandate and it’s only going to get worse for the African man. The deal these African countries made with their colonial masters are what we see today. They won’t let go of Africa because it’s all written in the independence terms and conditions, a deal that so many Africans have no first-hand knowledge. By the way, will the Nigerian president look the British prime minister in the eye knowing that sometime last year, he referred to Nigerians as greedy? Of course, Buhari would not care, when did he ever care? After all, who put him in power? As they say, you cant bite the hand that feeds you. I feel sorry for Africa, what a shame. As always, it’s my opinion.


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