The Biggest Fraud Committed In The History Of Mankind

Let me try to explain this in layman’s terms. What is the definition of fraud? It is a wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. The aim of committing theft is for either business or personal gain. Now, what do we call a scenario where people would illegally come to your peaceful territory and give you an option of either peacefully accepting them to steal from you or you face elimination? It is the case with the biggest fraud in history called slavery and colonization.

If I do not understand the definition of “fraud,” then what do we define the atrocities that the Europeans colonialists committed on African soil? If a group of people forcefully enter another man’s territory and then illegally claim ownership of their God-given resources, then you force those people to either accept your philosophy or face extinction, then what do we call this act?

I guess it always has to be different rules for the Europeans, because if this happened today, it would be considered an act of terrorism and fraud. Slavery was the biggest fraud known to mankind. If someone comes to your home and abducts some members of your family, they are forcefully taken to an unknown land to work for the personal benefit of their abductors, then what would you call that? Do you know that some countries benefited from slavery and colonization? How do you think America was able to run its cotton business if not for the assistance of the black slaves they abducted and enslaved? How do you think Britain was able to amass such wealth if not for stolen territories that the Queen Elizabeth regime illegally acquired? Maybe we can also look at France and wonder what made it become a developed nation, they single-handedly sponsored and conquered for the aim of acquiring territories that weren’t even theirs. They had to fraudulently take territories, meaning that when you own a large number of territories then you have more wealth because if you own so much land, it’s a resource on its own. These same colonial nations lay the rules on what is criminal and what isn’t, but they seem not to get bothered about their own crimes against humanity. They entered Africa with do or die tactics, meaning its either you surrender to them or you won’t have a home or your life. How do you think these so-called big nations became superpowers? You only become a superpower when you have so much influence on people who did not need that influence, this is what they did. In their media, they show statistics of Africa being poor and underdeveloped. It is because the colonialists held on to it for so long, and while they were busy developing their own countries, they left only the small areas where they lived in these African countries developed. If you look at America, people forget that America got her independence way earlier at a time when industrialization was yet to become a norm, even though they had to resort to violence, they had enough time to develop. Britain did not control any part of American’s resources after their independence as compared to how they still do today in Africa. This fraud has affected the future of so many Africans alive today and even the ones unborn, and then you wonder why Africans are still below the poverty line, this is why. As we speak, those who committed the fraud of enslaving and colonizing Africa are still running the show through proxies. Please take a look at Haiti. On paper, they might have gotten their independence earlier than any other black nation, but do you know that till today, Haiti is still paying for the revolution they carried out against Napoleon’s France? Why do you think it’s a poverty ravaged land? Clearly because of the uprising they committed, the western powers came together to place an economic embargo on Haiti. This is why even their neighbors, Spanish controlled Dominican Republic are not at peace with them. Haiti did not do the African way of independence, they did it the violent way, and this is why they are facing economic meltdown till now. Look at the case of Congo, that nation should be the most prosperous based on their resources but this is not the case as we speak. Congolese are not aware of the pact that King Leopold made with other European nations before his death, the pact was to give certain regions of the Congo to other European allied nations. That pact is the reason why Congolese do not even have a sniff of their resources thanks to an agreement made a long time ago. When one commits fraud, it becomes a money-making business making it so hard to let go, do you think the colonialists ever handed over power to the locals? Do you know that there were terms and conditions given to each African country by their colonial masters? These are pieces of information that the founding fathers negotiated for independence refused to reveal. Without these conditions do you think they would hand over power to the locals? Today those Europeans companies who controlled the resources of various African countries are still evident on the ground but in the name of different multinational companies. Why do you think that each African president is always loyal to their colonialist and the ones who are not are gotten rid of using military coups? Today when Europeans mention corrupt countries, why do they exclude themselves? Do you notice how countries with people of color are labelled as too corrupt, like I said before to them it’s one rule for them and the other for people who don’t look like them. When you bully people into slavery, then violently take control of it, then what do we call this? Is it charity or fraud? Please bear with me, I am trying to understand what the Europeans mean by fraud if what they did is not the true definition. Lastly, if you take a look at the top 50 developed nations, you would notice that the ones who are the main players of slavery and colonization are prevalent on that list, the ones who were the victims are either absent or further down the pecking order. I guess if the colonizers don’t recognize the fraud they committed, then I guess there must be a different way of understanding fraud? Only Heaven knows why the black race is the most forgiving, in the mind of the Europeans, they want the black man to move on but how do you move on when colonization is still affecting the lives of young Africans of today. As always, it’s my opinion

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