The biggest fraud in the history of mankind has been committed by Europeans

As a student of history, I have come to question many things written about the past. I would like to explain why this article is related to the word ‘fraud’, but before I begin, let me give you a perfect definition of the word ‘fraud.’  A fraud is a wrongful or criminal deception intending to achieve financial or personal gain.  Pay attention to this part. The purpose of committing fraud is either for business or personal gain. What is a situation where a group of people come to your territory illegally and offer you the choice of accepting their way of life or facing the possibility of an elimination, the moment you refuse? This case was applied to every indigenous person of this nation from Africa to the Americas. What they were subjected to is what I refer to as the biggest fraud in history, called slavery and colonization.

If I am not familiar with the definition of fraud, then how do we define the atrocities committed by the Europeans colonialists on African soil? Is it not an act of fraud if you are forced to give away ownership of your resources?

If this happened today, it would be considered an act of terrorism and fraud by the Europeans. In history, slavery was the biggest fraud known to man. Historical slavery was problematic because people were even enslaved in their countries and the rest were taken to foreign lands to act as slaves.  Because of their direct or indirect involvement in slavery and colonization, some countries achieved the status of world powers. For example, consider America and Britain. How do you think they were able to run their cotton business without the help of the black slaves they kidnapped and enslaved?

How do you think Britain would have been able to accumulate such wealth if not for the territories stolen by the Queen Elizabeth regime? Britain gained its power by taking over territories that had natural resources. Let’s take a look at France. France became a developed country because they either conquered territories by themselves or helped lead coups that led to their puppets getting power for them. This was the way they seized territories in Africa. When you own many territories, you have more wealth because land is a resource on its own. 

These same countries that once occupied a position of ignorance and obscurity have now assumed the position of world moral police. They make the rules for the rest of the world, and don’t seem to care about the crimes they committed in other parts of the world.

They came to Africa with a do-or-die strategy, meaning you had to give up your home or your life to them. Don’t start me off with their western media. They portray Africa as being poor and underdeveloped, ignoring their role in its underdevelopment. Everyone is aware of the reasons why Africa is underdeveloped. The colonial powers exploited Africa’s resources for their own benefit without giving anything back to the colonies. Every white nation wanted a piece of the African wealth. 

Even after they gave Africa its independence, they made it so that Africa was dependent on them for everything that could have been produced in Africa. Because almost every African leader who has assumed power in Africa is either a puppet or an enemy of progress on orders of the west, no African nation has been able to advance. 

America became independent a long time ago, even though they had to resort to violence, they had enough time to develop. It is only 60 years since Africa gained independence, and this is why there is still a lot of progress to be made. This is why America has become a world superpower and Africa is still behind.

As compared to how they still do today in Africa, Britain didn’t control any part of American’s resources after independence. This fraud by Britain and the rest has had an impact on the future of so many Africans alive today, as well as the ones who are yet to be born. And then you wonder why Africans are still below the poverty line. This is the reason. The people who committed the fraud of colonizing Africa are still running the show. 

You may want to take a closer look at Haiti. Haiti was the first black country to gain independence from France, but it took them until today to pay for the revolution they carried out against Napoleon’s France. Why do you think it’s a poor country? The western powers imposed an economic embargo on Haiti because of the uprising they committed. Even their neighbours in the Spanish-controlled Dominican Republic are not at peace with them. Haiti did not pursue independence the African way, with boot licking, and this is why they are facing an economic meltdown today.

Consider the case of Congo, which should be the most prosperous nation based on its resources, but this is not the case at this time. King Leopold made a pact with other European countries before he died. The pact was to give certain parts of the Congo to other European countries. That agreement is the reason Congolese have no control of their resources, thanks to an agreement made a long time ago. 

The truth is that Africa never got independence from the colonialists. Most of us don’t know what terms and conditions were given to African countries by their colonial masters. Do you think they would surrender power to the locals without these conditions? Today, many European countries that were involved in colonization have multinational companies that operate in Africa.

It’s clear that all African nations are still loyal to their colonial masters, and the ones who are not are removed by military coups. The countries that were colonized by Britain have strong ties with them, as well as the countries that were allied to France. The list is extensive.

Come to think of it, have you noticed that European nations label countries with the most people of color as corrupt, while those with white skin color are seen as less corrupt?  When Europeans talk about corrupt countries, why don’t they talk about the fraud that their government did on the melanated people around the world?

Corruption arises from complete disregard. If a people are used to seeing their common wealth stolen from them for centuries, it is possible for them to behave corruptly. How should the outcome be when a person is bullied into slavery and has his resources taken out of his land? Is this not an example of organized fraud? Slavery and colonization had a huge impact on Africa and the rest of the world. Black nations and people have had a hard time moving forward because of this. European nations who participated in colonization will always be labelled as the biggest fraudsters in history if they do not recognize the fraud they committed and atone for it.  As always, it’s my opinion.

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