The Nigerian Government Conspiracy: Nnamdi Kanu is Working for Buhari’s Government

The self-proclaimed leader of the indigenous people of Biafra left the shores of Nigeria in a strange circumstance, and nobody ever asked how that happened. By the way, how did Nnamdi Kanu leave Nigeria on the day the Nigerian military evaded his house? And how did the Biafran lord escape unaided since no neighbouring countries are bordering his home town?

There are some groups of influential, powerful people who have decided that to control the power rule in Nigeria, you need to include a little bit of drama. These people have so much power that they can achieve anything they want. Nigeria is a nation dear to God’s heart, but unfortunately, the colonial masters structured Nigeria in a way that it would fail Nigerians. It’s wiser to say that Nigeria and every other African country was created to fail. On paper, it’s supposed to be an independent state, but the colonial masters did not just leave permanently; they only made sure that before they left, their footprint would still be visible in the territory. Like I said before, they have been putting puppets who will rule on their behalf, and the current Nigerian President is a British puppet. Ever wondered why he frequents England so much, using the medical trip/vacation as an excuse, he goes to England to receive instructions from his slave masters, England, the real owners of Nigeria.

What they do is when they want to win, by all means, they hire internal puppets who will end up causing quagmire and confusion in the political scenes. These puppets have no soul; they are a sell out’s, they come in the day confusing their people on how they mean well for them. They use the art division in Africa, which is tribalism and religion, to seek refuge within their people. At night, they go to brief their masters on the progress of their assignment, and they get rewarded handsomely.

This character, called Nnamdi Kanu, is an example of the northern Muslim cabal puppet, which they specifically handpicked because of his strong followership in the southeast of Nigeria. So many people don’t remember who this figurehead is. Did you know that this same Kanu was part of the group of people who protested against the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan during the period he increased the price of petrol in 2012? He was part of the protesters in London in 2012; you can find the videos on YouTube. As they say, the Internet never forgives, and it’s true. For someone who comes out speaking against the Hausa Fulani cabal, you would think he would have a history of supporting people from his region or neighbouring regions. Still, this man was against Jonathan, a man who is from his nearby area. Is this not what I call hypocrisy in the highest order? So I guess it was when Buhari came to power than all of a sudden he became a Fulani hater.

There was news of an invasion of his hometown by the Nigerian army; they said the military ransacked his home; some even said they beat up members of his family. During the so-called invasion, it was on the media that the army captured him. Still, surprisingly months later, a video surfaced of Mr. Kanu in Israel where he openly came out for the first time since his house the invasion. So let’s think, what kind of drama is this? I know some of his blind supporters will come after me, but can they tell us how Kanu escaped? If you look at the map of Nigeria, I don’t know of any border close to his home town that will suggest he fled to a neighbouring country then made his way to Europe. Just in case you have forgotten this man is supposed to be on bail, and according to the judicial law, the people who came to sign on his behalf should have been held responsible. So, where are those who signed his bail on his behalf? Sadly, this is an example of how religion and tribalism can make learned people look like charlatans, why are his people not using their logic to question this drama involving Nnamdi Kanu.

The truth is, Nnamdi Kanu was chosen by the northern cabal to support Buhari’s second term. They know that the only way Kanu can fool Nigerians is by coming out on the media to rain all sorts of insults on the President, this way, he will make Nigerians believe that he is pro southeast. The northern powers told him to act that way, but this was not what they intended on achieving because these influential men do not care if you insult the President, their aim is power and control. They can use all mannerisms of trickery, even if Nnamdi Kanu physically attacks Buhari, they will not care as long as he uses his influence to divide the Igbos from the Hausas. The plan was to use Kanu to cause hatred between the south easterners and their northern counterparts so that when the 2019 election comes, the Igbos will not come out and vote, which will then move the total amount of votes to the southwest and northern parts of Nigeria. The southwest is already a firm hold of the ruling party, and the north is pro-Buhari. The only issue they had was with the southeast is Abubakar Atiku, and this is why they used Kanu to persuade Igbos not to vote in the 2019 elections, which would mean game over for Atiku Abubakar’s presidential ambition. It was planned to perfection because Kanu only became relevant after Buhari won the elections in 2015, they brought him on the scene at the right moment to prepare him for the 2019 elections.

Kanu used the Biafra plot to take the Igbo’s attention away from anything politics in Nigeria, and this is why he was against his people coming out to vote. Do you think America or Britain will ever allow Nigeria to break up? Nigeria is their money tree, and any efforts to break up Nigeria will spell doom for Britain because of how much resources they control in the name of their multinational companies on grounds in Nigeria. The entire court drama with Kanu was a farce aimed at confusing Nigerians; it was part of the show they outlined, and trust me, Britain is part of the instigators of this plan. Ever wonder why Nnamdi Kanu has a British passport? And did anyone ever ask why Britain refused to interfere for someone who is supposed to be their citizen? They are part of this project along with the northern cabal who the British favour and its supervised by the commander in chief, Major General Muhammadu Buhari. Think for a moment, Kanu is supposed to be on bail, why has the Nigerian government not ordered his arrest using Interpol if this was a matter of national security? Why has he not been declared wanted like the way they portray him? And if you think Nnamdi Kanu slept one day in jail during his arrest, then you are part of the confused because they took him to an undisclosed location, which is far better than a prison, the same way they are currently handling Omoyele Sowore. Buhari has won the election, and he is no longer needed, the entire story has slowly ended, and we no longer hear from Kanu again like we did during the election period. He has done his job, and he is off the scene for now, but be assured that he will be back still for more drama before the 2023 election. IPOB is a government-sponsored group, and the media are part of it, the actors involved are Nnamdi Kanu, Femi Fani Kayode, Deji Adeyanju, southeast senators, the Nigerian army and judiciary etc. The invasion of Kanu’s house was a fake staged event, and the same government helped him leave Nigeria in conjunction with the Nigerian Immigration. I know I may receive so many threats and attacks for this, but please, if you are reading this, try to think independently, void of any tribal sentiments and decide for yourself. Some things don’t add up right, and it’s obvious why Nigeria has been underdeveloped for so long despite having the world’s most valuable resources called oil. Just take a look at the middle east. Do you need me to say more? As always, it’s my opinion.


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