US-Iran tension is staged event meant to start a war

On so many occasions, I made mention of a group of influential world group called the council of foreign relations who are members of the freemason order. This group of people come together to decide when wars or events will happen, and they have the media to their mercy. They coordinate this event so well that it seems believable to the ones who are not enlightened.

There will be an NWO ( New world order); this is an order where the robust secretive elite plan to rule the world using an authoritarian style of government. They make use of propaganda to shape significant financial and political events. They are a group of powerful cabal who gang up with world government to cause systemic crises, war, ushering in controversial dilemmas at both local and international levels. The aim is to achieve world dominance. These influential people have decided to stare the ship towards another world war, may I remind you that they were the instigators of previous world war, this time around they are focused on the possibility of creating another world war. The leading players in this are as always the united states, Iran, Russia, China, Israel, Iraq, Britain, France, while the actors are Donald trump, Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian government, Vladimir Putin etc. These actors and players have already sat down to discuss the possibility of another world war; they are all in it together; they eat from the same devil pot only for them to deceive the masses in the open. They are the masters of propaganda using the so-called free press to create tensions. I told you that the news media is not a free press, the media is part of the evil order, they are tools used by the secrete powerful elite to create a psychological operation aimed at causing mass hysteria among the people.

This so-called Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, who we understand died from an American airstrike, is an actor preserved by the powers that be; he is not dead; they have changed his identity to fulfil another role. This man’s character was to fulfil his purpose in 2020; this is why he has been in that position, causing tensions between Iran and America. They always use figureheads to create tension the same way they used Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who are still alive as we speak. Soleimani has done his part in this staged event; they are using him as a reason for starting a war; now that he has fulfilled his role, they will change his identity for no one to notice again, and in the future, he will play another character. The reason for this war is against the Iranian people and not the Iranian government; the Iranian government are part of the new world order plan, the government of Iran are members of the 33 club(freemason coding). This war tension is based on lies and deceit at the highest possible level. The recent news about 3000 troops sent to the middle east is a psychological operation. The Solemani assassination is a hoax by mutual free masonic agreement. That so-called U.S. airstrike never happened; they made the location look like a real event coming from a country that has the most potent movie organization in Hollywood.
For this new world order to be actualized, there needs to be cooperation between the governments to achieve the agenda of war, and they are all in it together. The U.S and Iran are all friends in the secret table, but enemies in the open, they do this to claim dominance, when in truth, the people who run America are the same ones controlling Iran. This is the 4th time that Soleimani had been reported dead. The media who we thought was a free press claimed that Soleimani had died in a plane crash in northwest Iran in 2006, they said he died in a bombing in Damascus in 2012, died leading forces in 2015 in Aleppo. Now they say a U.S. airstrike killed him, is it not strange how the only way they identified him dead was through a ring found on his finger at the airport bombing site. Now his fake death is causing tension amongst his supporters in the middle east, and the battleground is in the middle east. Donald Trump is not the one calling the shot; their is a shadow government in America who we can’t see, but they control and pull strings, both Obama, trump and all people in power, both past and current are part of it. I stated in my previous articles that there are no republican or democrats; these parties are ran by the powers that be, they come out spilling hatred among each other in the media, but behind the scene, they are part of the evil masonic order. Please pay attention to how this would unfold, its the making of another world war not against the government but the people of the middle east, after all, no world leader will be at the field of battle, its the innocent people who will pay for it. Remember the word “Depopulation,” this is part of what they want to achieve to start the new world order. America, Israel and Iran are setting us up for a one-world government. The war will destabilize America’s dominance. It’s a scare tactics meant to create fear in the minds of the masses. Mark my words, there will be no war, it’s an agenda. As always, it’s my opinion.


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