Do rappers really own the wealth they flaunt on the media?

Let’s give this food for thought, why do they claim to have so much and even media supports them on that. They claim to have so much money, women and power that they are invincible. The funny part is why do they end up disappearing from the music space only for them to be reported as been broke or sometimes homeless.

There exist a group of influential people who own a country called America. It must be there way; they have succeeded in designing a system for all who reside in America. These people are also satanic worshippers; they are members of secret cult organizations who plan every activity in America. They aim to mislead the masses away from God’s teaching, develop fake events to start a mass hysteria or panic, divide and rule system of making sure that all races in America are never united. They own the education system, banking, health system, churches, movie and music industry, science. They have distorted history by presenting fake lies about a historical event; they also control foreign governments. They are In every developed country, and their headquarters is in America. They have made sure that the development of any country needs their approval; why do you think there are advanced, developing and underdeveloped nations. Every war you see happening, they have a hand in it for their benefit. The world is like a game of chess to them; their calendar has up events they plan on staging; they have decided to play gods on this earth they claim to own. They are the council of foreign relations.

Why do I speak about this so-called influential individuals, they are connected with my topic of discussion. The music industry is so powerful in America that it has a significant influence on the world. Musical content from America has immense popularity worldwide. Do you ever wonder why rappers in America have so much money on the media, and then years later they go bankrupt? It’s not just rappers but actors too, but my focus would be solely on rappers. When they are on T.V, they come out with gold watches and chains, throwing money in the air, holding stacks of cash in their ear. They show their houses and cars on MTV cribs, and when they go out for walks or even attend events, they come out with so many entourage.

Now have you for once ever sat down to wonder, with all this Forbes listed wealth, how come they still end up been broke. It’s not just one incident, but we end up hearing about this in every media outlet. Lets reason together is it possible for someone worth 200 million to go broke in some year’s time with no trace of what he got with that money. Can someone spend all that money knowing fully well that previous cases of rappers going broke are still fresh in our minds? How can you have all that money and you can’t even afford to pay cash in acquiring a house, why do they take these houses from them. The list is endless, we have 50 cent, MC hammer, Lil Kim, DMX, Lisa lopes, bow wow, Xzibit, Wyclef jean, young buck, Nas, T-pain, fat joe and most recently we heard about T-pain.

The truth is these influential individuals are the real owners of every record label in America. They finance these record labels, so everything you see this rapper owns belongs to these influential people. These record labels have an affiliation with satanic occultist organizations. The things they don’t reveal to you is that when a rapper signs a contract with them, there are some peculiar terms and conditions included in it. Besides swearing allegiance to satan, it’s a must that whoever signs with them must attend their satanic ritual events at undisclosed locations guarded with high powered security personnel. To pledge allegiance; they show signs and symbols affiliated with this evil organization. When they sign a contract, a rapper is giving a timeline of when he or she will be relevant in the musical space; this is why they go missing on the musical stage.
The lyrics rappers bring out are written and composed by the record labels. These lyrics are always vulgar and violent; they do this to make more young kids, especially black children, become more violent. The confusing part is rappers do not have any control over their wealth. They don’t hand them cash physically; they dictate how you spend the money you are supposed to have. They own the houses, cars and chains rappers flaunt; they choose specific days when a rapper will go on social media to show off this fake wealth. Still, the moment these rappers fall out with the record label, they lose the house, cars and money. Forbes magazine is a member of the powers that be; they create fake lists of rich people, mostly those who are part of the cult group. Forbes does their bidding by publishing a phony list of vibrant musicians, do not forget that 50 cent was once rated productive, but where is he now? He is all over social media, acting like a clown. They bring cliches like child support, IRS coming after them, drug abuse, debt. That is part of the information they want the masses to know as the reasons why they are broke, all it takes is for one artist to fall out with the record label, and they make him/her broke.
Once an artist goes on the media to say some unfavourable things against the record label or on government policies, then they make them pay by taking everything. Before they make any purchase, these rappers need permission from the record label only because the money is not in their custody but in that of the record labels. Ever wondered why you never hear from these rappers again and then all of a sudden, they are broke and then drug addicts. These powers pull them out of the scene to make them irrelevant as a punishment and part of the terms of the contract is if any rappers come out with the truth, then they will lose their lives. The reasons why Jay-z or Diddy never end up been broke is because these men are in a higher rank in these satanic occultic organizations. They have been there for years, and you don’t want to know the things they did or are still doing to maintain that position. Please do think wisely, do some soul searching, why does the same media who glorify their wealth then end up denigrating them in some year’s time. Don’t you get tired of hearing the same fake reasons, such as child support or IRS? When they fall out with these influential people, they will take everything. It makes you wonder how someone can be worth 200 million and then in some year’s time, all your properties are gone, and there no money anymore. If they were worth that a large amount of money, why not just buy a property with cash, why do they always lose the house? If you worked so hard to earn what you got, would you flaunt so much money on the media? As always, it’s my opinion.

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