The reason why you must avoid women who date you out of Pity

Love can only feel proper if it goes in the right way. The mistake men make is that they can’t decipher the difference between a woman who loves you for real and the one who is with you out of pity. The results are always wrong because pitiable compassion will run out someday, and you will be in a world of hurt.

Love should be felt by all and shared by the right person. When a woman showers you with affection, it makes you feel accepted and blessed. But we live in a society where any woman can say they love you due to what they want to accomplish, some mention love for gains even when they don’t mean it. When one calls out love, it does not necessarily mean it comes from the heart; it could come from the head only to fool you. One thing you must try to be aware of is women who mention the name of love due to the pity they have for you. You might find yourself in a situation where your current condition has attracted someone to love you only to make you feel better about yourself. They usually don’t mean it, but they have to keep acting like it to make you feel better. Now, why would a woman love you out of pity? It could be because she knows you are insecure about your looks, weight, financial situation, feeling that if she leaves, you would be depressive or even suicidal.

There are so many reasons why a woman would be with you out of pity. The confusing thing is that you are not fully aware of this act; it goes on for so long until the so-called love starts going sour. When love is not from the heart, it usually shows at the end of the story, even when one tries to pretend that they love you, it just takes one bad fight for a slip of the tongue to happen, and it hurts so bad when you begin to hear everything you thought was right. Do not be deceived by all the types of love you get from your woman; some are not real.

You need to, first, ask why she is with you? Does it feel real, are you in a bad financial situation, does she have any knowledge of your current predicament? All these questions are too many to answer because you never really know their real purpose. The truth of the matter is that this kind of love rarely lasts; you may not want to hear it, but it’s safer for you to find out early than wait for that moment when she begins to get tired of pitying you. You can test her by seeing how far she can go for you, also try finding out where she would be when you are in a lot of trouble, will she be there.

The best way to find out is to pretend to be in a dire condition where you need her assistance at that particular moment. If she doesn’t turn up for you, then that is your indicator that she did not truly love you; it could have been out of pity for something she knows about you. Beware of this kind of women; you will suffer heartbreak at the end because her true colors end up showing. When love is real, you feel it, you know it, she is always there for you every time you need her, she keeps showing up at your most difficult moments. You must be careful not to fall for this type of love for the sake of an imminent heartbreak; it hurts to find out she only loved you out of pity. As always, it’s my opinion.


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