9 ways to know if your girlfriend is seeing another guy

There is a thin line between love and hate. Love can be so exciting when the good times are around, and in a split second, it can go all wrong. When a woman starts losing affection for her boyfriend/husband, there are red flags that begin to show up. Let’s outline these red flags that every man should take notice of. We begin with the following.

She begins to come home later than expected

Trust me, the joy of every woman is to go back home and be with her man. After that long day at work, she has been exhausted mentally. The only cure to this exhaustion is the joy of meeting the man she loves at home. But when a woman has fallen out of love for a man, you must expect her frequent coming home late, merely because she is trying to avoid any close intimacy. She knows that when she comes back late, her next destination is the bed. When you notice her frequently coming home very late against her usual time, she is trying to avoid you. It may be reasonable to investigate her whereabouts after her job. Some other man is probably on top of the situation.

Her phone becomes her precious jewel

The way she starts to protect her phone from ever slipping out of her reach, you begin to wonder if the phone is her man. Everywhere she goes, that phone never leaves her sight, every minute she spends with him. The phone is usually kept very close to her, and not a moment does she let it slip from her view. Every part of the house she goes to, she takes her phone with her. Translation, she has established another intimate communication with some other guy, and it is her secret until further notice.

During weekends, she leaves the house more often

You would expect her to spend more time with you during the weekends as non-working days. But instead, you realize that she tells you she has other things to do. The cliché is always gym, nails, meeting with her girlfriends. Trust me; when you see this scenario occurring every weekend, she has probably scheduled a meeting with the other guy. Now, this outing takes a long time, and she comes back home late, meaning you barely even get to see her during working hours and now weekends.

She is always in a bad mood when with you

When you hope to spend time with her, she begins to be in a mood swing that puts you off. If she is there with you from morning until the evenings, her mood begins to deteriorate, and she takes everything you say as an opportunity to start a quarrel with you. This behaviour means that your presence irritates her, and she knows that she needs to pretend that she still loves you by spending time with you, but her body language seems to speak so loud that it can’t stand your presence.

She limits the amount of time she goes out with you

Everybody knows you both go out a lot, especially on the weekends. She is always the first person to initiate the thought of going out during the weekends. Immediately, you notice her avoiding going out with you; you must have it in mind that she doesn’t want anyone to see you with her; her mindset can’t stand your presence in public any more. She loves the thought of being with the other guy as compared to being with you in public. She does not want the other guy to also see her with you.

She stops posting you on her social media network

The moment you realize she stops adding you to her social media network, this indicates that she does not want the world to see you any more. Her new loyalty lies with her new hidden guy, and therefore, any posts about you might offend him.

She avoids having sex with you

The feeling of having sex with a man you cherish adds additional flavour in your life. Sex is so sweet that when it happens to be with the one. A big red flag to watch for is her avoiding having sex with you. She uses her period as an excuse to avoid the idea of you thinking of having sex with her. When you want to caress her, she begins to move away from you.

She stops calling or messaging you

She has a habit of calling you every minute of the hour, even during work. All of a sudden, she stops following that routine. Chances are, she is busy calling the other guy during work hours. In her head, he has become her source of ending her boredom rather than you.

She stops caring about you

If you are used to her caring about you, the moment she stops finding out why you came home late from work or how your day went, you must have it in mind that she has closed her heart for you and locked up the shop. The other guy has occupied the caring part of her heart, and you are now a faded memory.

If you have witnessed or are currently noticing this attitude, the chances are that she is getting it from another guy. Now, don’t get me wrong, the other guy who does this behind your back is probably the wrong one who will end up dumping her when karma comes calling. But to cut this short, this is the red flag that will indicate that your girl who you live with is no longer into you. As always, it’s my opinion.

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