Dear Democrats, You Are No Saint

When you take a close look at history, you will find out that the oldest political party called the Democrats have a terrible historical path. They disguise themselves as the morally upright group but are the public aware of the sins that follow the Democrats. Let’s get more into this.

Please do not misunderstand my point of view; I am not a Republican supporter. Neither will I be a Democrat. They just recently impeached Donald trump over allegations of abuse of power. So 230 representatives voted for the impeachment of the 45th President of the United States, which means that the next step will be a senate trial. Donald Trump will not be out of office (not during his current tenure) and the amusing part is that he may even go on and outlast everyone who initiated the process of impeachment. I find it hard to believe why the Democrats even bothered to start an impeachment process, knowing that the party of Mr. Trump, who is part of the Republican party holds the majority in the upper house. These events occurring are just scripted to fool the masses. The thing with Donald Trump is that it is never supposed to go easy with him, he is merely playing the role as the loud-mouthed comical character. He is the class clown who will play the role and mandate of being unfiltered in his behavior, and he is doing a pretty good job at it. When Donald Trump went for a non-profit conservative turning point event in Washington, he stood behind a surreptitiously altered presidential seal that reads “45 is a puppet” in Spanish. The organizers later apologized, saying it was an error. Still, I suppose it was all planned to send a subliminal message to reveal the character he is currently playing, and they use Russia to cover it up. I told you in my previous articles that Trump was put there by the powers that control America. If you think for once that Donald Trump won the real election but lost the popular vote to Hilary Clinton, then you are part of the deceived masses. How can you lose a popularity contest and win the primary election, is it not the same people who get to vote? It proves my claim that Donald Trump was chosen by the elites who rule America even when he is not the full populace choice. He will go on to finish his current tenure and also get re-elected. This shows the put on is to create panic and distraction among the masses.

Now to this party called the Democrats, if you for once feel that they are the good guys, then you are mistaken. This same Democrat is the most hypocritical group of people; they act like they are the moral police who are responsible for cleaning up immorality in the America political space. Are you aware that the Democrats were once the dominant party from 1800 to 1829 before they split into two factions, namely, the Federal National Republicans and then the Democrats. Now inside the Democratic party consisted of the southern Democratic party who were mainly whites who resided in the southern parts of America. During 1850, they supported slavery, and it opposed the right civil reforms after the American Civil War so that they can retain the support of the southern majority-white voters. The Republican back then were called the Jeffersonian Republicans due to its strong ties to Thomas Jefferson, and they had fewer powers than the democrats who controlled the majority of states in America. It was until the 1950’s when they started supporting civil rights and racial integration that cost them their southern white supporters. This same Democrat brought in Barack Obama, who I will describe as one of the worst American presidents after George Bush Jr.
Obama’s role was to infiltrate Africa since he is partly Kenyan (African), for there was no other man for the job than him. He was responsible for the invasion of Libya, which have caused so many migration crisis in the Sahara desert. His main target was the target was Muammar Gaddafi; a figure who Ronald Reagan tried to get rid of, an enemy of the west due to his strong support for the total liberation from America. Since Obama was half African, he would become the preferred choice to create invasion and crisis in Libya, which has caused so much disaster in almost all parts of Libya as we speak. He has made the Libyan state ungovernable. Over in America, the killing of unarmed black men was prevalent during his era and black people who were part of his majority voters, didn’t get any slice of his cake either, nothing changed for them. African governments who did not favor America’s agenda were taken care of, need I mention the role he played in the Nigerian election in 2015? Also, it was Obama regimes that pushed further on AFRICOM, America’s military presence, which surrounds the continent Africa( I will write about this later).

Unfortunately, the democrats and republicans are both the same people who work underground to create disunity among the masses. Why do you think that the whites support the republicans and minorities the democrats? It this not a divide and rule concept in display. As I said, they are not working in favor of Americans; they are part of the powers that be plan for the new world order. Donald Trump will not leave office as long as the Republicans control the upper house. These staged events are here to create mass hysteria. Democrats will never be the saints they claim to be, its a party filled with snakes disguised as humans. The Dems and Republicans have been there since independence, and if things did not get better, then do you think it will now or in the future? Watch as the drama unfolds as Donald Trump goes on impeachment trial, it’s all a waste of time, he won’t get evicted. Do not fall for these scripted events. As always it’s my opinion.


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