Why it is important to find your perfect soul mate

The generation we find ourselves in today has been misled wrongly to the brim. The use of social media has turned so many women into girls, and also so many men into boys. There is no longer maturity; everybody wants to live the fake life to impress people they don’t know that much. To find a good woman now who isn’t all about herself or her looks is the most challenging task facing a man.

I have so much admiration for the works of the Creator; he made women so special and unique. If a wonderful woman has ever loved you, then you will understand what I am saying. The thing with a good woman is that she knows how to ease your stress, even when you face so much tribulation during the day, she knows how to give you joy at night. A good woman is so sweet like honey that when a man tastes one, he can’t stop but to ask for more. She makes you feel young even when you think you are old, and she is the source of every man’s success. She knows your pains inside, even when you fail to admit it; she is ready to stand in for you against the rest of the world. She is the kind that will never do anything in the world above her man. She knows you are not perfect, even when you hurt her, she is always there to talk it out. Every man needs a good woman, and if you have been lucky to have one, that’s a world cup you just won.

They don’t come that easy these days. That’s why I called the situation a lifetime subscription to happiness, meaning you will never lack the essential things that every man strives for, which is happiness.

To find one, you need luck and a proper setting because they don’t come that easy these days. Don’t forget this, some girls behave like women, and some women act like girls. Choose wisely during your search; if any woman gives you this feeling I just outlined, the chances are you have just hit the biggest jackpot every man wants. Women are God’s gift to men; we cannot do without them; we need them for our survival. A world without women is misery personified, and when you find a good one, my man, you are lucky. Don’t let her go; make sure you smile for her every morning and appreciate her worth because, to be honest, they don’t come around that good any more. As always, it’s my opinion.


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