I Stand with King Kaka

There will come a time when the masses will no longer put up with the massive suffering. They will rise in numbers and take back the land from the oppressors for a hungry man is an angry man.

If there is anything that made my weekend, that will be the recent video released by award-winning Kenyan rapper, King Kaka, where he poetically tackled the continuous rise of unemployment, inflation, tribalism and corruption scandals witnessed in the country.. I watched the clip, and it filled my heart with joy. All across Africa, it’s the same story, massive corruption and endemic poverty spreading like wildfire. It has resulted in so much crime that the poor man has resorted to other sinister means of feeding himself and his family. The leaders across Africa are a total failure and I highlighted this point in one of my articles on how they keep using the old trick called tribalism to brainwash us into submission. When it’s time for elections, they become so loyal and humble, they sell us all sorts of lies that even they would never fall for if it was the other way around. We end up coming out en masse to vote for them only for them to abandon us a year after their victory. Now in the Kenyan situation, how does supporting a Kikuyu man to become a leader benefit the poor Kikuyu man on the streets? There is massive unemployment, and even the ones who were employed are now unemployed. The rich politicians in power and their families keep getting richer. A country like Kenya with so many resources coupled with a small population should not be witnessing this widespread poverty. When they were entering power, they sold so much lies to the kind hearted Kenyan people only for their situation to worsen. Why is it that every time elections are around the corner, supporters of this so-called politicians always end up in a violent altercation which they end up dying. Someone still has to die during elections, and it ends up not being the politicians. The politicians give these hungry supporters a meager amount of money to cause chaos during elections only for them to die in the process.

King Kaka has spoken the minds of the almost 50 million Kenyans who are either afraid to talk or are still hoodwinked by their tribal affiliation to the leaders who serve them no right. Now is the time for all Kenyans to come out and hold their leaders accountable; they need to explain why they have failed on their electoral promises and why unemployment is so rampant despite their promises. Rants on social media won’t solve anything. Kenyans need to come out in masses and protest this ugly situation, and I hope this won’t be the same social media protest that will end up dying down in a week. The fire that King Kaka started must continue burning, but this time, every Kenyan must be a King Kaka. A leader who comes from your tribe does not necessarily mean one’s life will change for the better. They do not care about anyone; they have mastered the art of always asking their tribesmen for help during elections. If tribalism were the solution, then so many Kikuyus would be rich considering how many Kenyan presidents came from that region. For Africa to be great, we need to start a massive revolution all around the continent, from the hopeless state of Nigeria to the disastrous situation in southern Africa to the endless suffering in Kenya. We must purge Africa from these evil leaders who have been around for so long along with their foreign conspirators. Africa has so much goldmine resources, why are we still poor? I salute King Kaka’s courage, and I urge every Kenyan to key into his vision, don’t stop complaining. As Africans, we live to feed our stomachs, what’s the difference between living and struggling to survive when your wealth is stolen by a few people and existing to fight for the retrieval of our stolen wealth. What’s the function of a man if he lives without putting an effort at anything. Remember that anything worth having is worth the struggle and sacrifice. There is still time, save it for our unborn generation; if we don’t end this suffering by voting out all these old dead brain leaders, our unborn children will cease to exist. Do not forget that this continent has enough resources; there is enough for every one of us. As always, my opinion.


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